Coronavirus Facts And Vaccine Queries That Are Arising Now

coronavirus facts and vaccine queries
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Lately, many people are curious whether vaccine recipients should stay away from alcohol during the span between the first and second shots. Many other coronavirus facts and vaccine queries are arising now that the vaccination process is going on.

 Well, for refraining from alcohol, yes, binge drinking, heavy or chronic drinking can harm your immune system. Therefore, a lot of experts suggest people not get into alcohol addiction. However, occasional drinking and raising a toast after the second vaccination won’t harm much. 

It is a very confusing subject, but then not everyone understands statistics. There are reasons why virologists believe a simplification of vaccine efficacy details is not a wise decision. Once people start studying about the same, they tend to come up with the weirdest conclusions. 

While many people think that if the efficacy of the vaccine is 92, eight out of 100 people will fall sick. However, that is not the case at all. Instead, an efficacy rate of 92 means that a person is 92% most likely to recover after undergoing the vaccination process.

Coronavirus facts and vaccine queries regarding the effectiveness of shots 

Efficacy rates are means that experts use to make accurate comparisons between different vaccines. The next most common question in this list is whether you can choose the vaccine brand. 

Many people want to know whether the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be as effective or they should go for Moderna or Pfizer. Moreover, some people are asking whether if it is possible to get one vaccine after another. 

Experts are saying that there should be no significant problem, but it is unnecessary. Since all of the vaccines have a similar antigen composition, it should not create a significant problem. However, a double vaccination does not mean double protection too. 

Among the coronavirus facts and vaccine queries of people, some want to know whether or not to go for a Johnson & Johnson shot after an allergic reaction from the first Moderna or Pfizer shot.

According to Richard Kennedy, medicine professor of the Rochester Mayo Clinic, there will be no problem theoretically. However, availing of such a benefit may not be possible. After all, the supply of vaccines compared to the number of people is not enough. 

Besides, he assures that the reactions will not be significant and you will alright in a few days. It is best to go for a Moderna, or Pfizer shot only to match the brand of the first shot. Since the antigen effect is the same, the overall protection will be better too. 


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