5 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

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The global content marketing industry is expected to be worth as much as $137.2 million by 2026, highlighting the value of this marketing method for businesses worldwide.

But, what are the content marketing trends your business should be using in 2022? This area seems to change so often that you may be wondering which content advertising techniques can maximize your company’s return on investment.

While it’s true that this is a fast-moving sector, five trends look set to dominate the content marketing industry in the coming months.

Read on to find out more.

1. Short-Form Video Content

You can create the best content globally, but if customers don’t have time to consume it, your efforts will have been for nothing. Short-form videos focus on getting your business marketing information across quickly so people can hear what you have to say, even if they only have a few moments to listen.

In a busy society, expect short-form content to play a critical role in advertising this year.

2. User-Generated Content

An innovative content marketing strategy asks customers to create reviews that you can then post on your website, online review sites, and social media pages.

User-generated content is a free way to gain marketing content, and it provides potential buyers with unbiased reviews of your products and services.

3. Live Content

If you want to make your company’s marketing efforts more exciting, why not go live on the internet in front of your audience? Consumers can send you instant messages, and you can answer their queries during the broadcast.

Although this can seem daunting, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable providing content to the hundreds or even thousands of people watching your live stream.

4. Voice Content

One of the business trends that is catching on is voice content. Your customers may already listen to podcasts or music on sites such as Spotify throughout the day, and you can create audio marketing material to gain more exposure.

For example, you could have ads playing during popular podcast shows or turn one of your blog posts into an audio file. Doing so provides consumers with a convenient way to hear about your business even while driving, cooking, or exercising while wearing headphones.

5. More Personalized Content

Personalized marketing involves sending suitable material to customers at the right time. For example, if consumers need advice on how a product works, you need to send them instructions rather than upselling another item.

This approach can impress your customers and encourage them to continue to buy from your company.

Your content marketing plan should have a content map. This map allows you to understand your customers better and deliver essential information at crucial times. You can read more in this post before creating your map.

Use These Content Marketing Trends to Your Advantage

Staying current with the latest content marketing trends is essential to rise above the noise and promote your business effectively. It would help if you considered creating video and voice content, while live streams can be a great way to interact with customers more personally.

It’s also vital to only deliver the most relevant content to your target audience to ensure you hold their interest.

Remember to keep an eye out for the next significant content marketing trends!

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