Common Wig Mistakes we all make – How to avoid them

Common Wig Mistakes we all make – How to avoid them

People have been wearing wigs for decades and it is no longer a word whispered behind closed doors.

Wigs have in fact become a status symbol and any dedicated follower of fashion has at least one wig and the lucky ones have more!

Thanks to social media, Hollywood, and rock stars we can all delve into that versatile sense of style that we were perhaps avoiding. Wigs are seen as versatile, stylish, and a part of your beauty regime, much like eyeliner, or lipstick. In today’s world where fashion is queen, you need to have a wig in your arsenal to remain the trendsetter!

The benefits of a great wig are immeasurable:

  1. Wigs provide protection for your natural hair
  2. They can be ready, styled, and stored perfectly
  3. You can be ready for a date night within minutes – no more saying “I have to wash my hair”
  4. You can change your look in an instant – Go from office chick to Funky nights out

There are still some things you need to keep a close eye on to avoid mishaps:

Braid your hair – The key to making your wig look good is taking care of your hair underneath your wig. If you aren’t going to shave your hair and have a smooth scalp then it is important to prep your hair before putting your wig on. This will prevent your wig from looking lumpy. 

The best way to do this is to braid your real hair into cornrows. Braid the hair in small braids and near the scalp. Don’t put your hair in a bun or a ponytail as this will result in an unsightly bump underneath your wig.

Lace front wigs – A thin lace hair cap is the better option to choose. Thicker lace caps might cost less but you will notice this makes a big difference to the front of the wig. 

Thin lace caps lie smoothly against you’re your scalp and will result in a more natural look. 

Another important factor to consider when buying a lace front cap is that the hair is sewn closely together on a thin lace cap and thus gives the wig and the hairline a more natural look. Thicker lace caps result in the hairline looking more bulky, similar to the hair on a doll. This is something you want to avoid. 

Bleaching or plucking your hair knots – This is a very important part when you first put on your wig. Remember once you have plucked the hair out there is no way to put it back unless you take it to a wig manufacturer. Lace front wigs are made by tying knots of hair individually and close together onto a fine mesh (lace) cap. Each strand is carefully knotted. If the hair is naturally black or dark these knots are visible to the naked eye. In order to make the hairline appear natural, you have to pluck the strands of hair around your hairline. It is the same process as plucking your eyebrows. Put the wig onto your head, and now make a light marking as to where you must pluck the hair out. Remove the wig from your head and hold it up to the light. You can see where you must pluck the hair out. Take care not to overpluck.

The other method to use is called bleaching. Add some powdered bleach to the water in a mixing bowl. Mix the solution thoroughly. Using a bleaching brush lightly apply the bleach only to the knots where they are affixed to the cap. Let the bleaching process for around 2 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. If the knots are still visible once you have washed the wig. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Take care of the color of your hair – There are so many wig colors and shades of colors to choose from making the right choice can be challenging. Firstly, make sure the color you choose for your wig compliments your skin tone and complexion. The next important factor in choosing a wig is to make sure the wig suits your lifestyle. If you generally work in an office, choose a smart, stylish wig in a flattering color.

If your everyday life allows you to be active and you work at a gym or a sports club, you can opt for a vibey more fun color.

Whatever your lifestyle, you will find the perfect color in our range!

Styled to perfection – The biggest benefit of a wig is the styling process. You no longer have to get up an hour before traffic to get to work on time because you have to style your hair. Looking great has never been easier, but don’t leave styling your wig ton chance. A wig that is not perfectly styled makes it simply look like fake hair. 

Pay attention to the details. Care for the hair on your wig as much as you would for your won hair. After your wig has been, shampooed and conditioned and left to air dry as often as possible. Take time to make your wig look good. If your wig is cut in the style you like this should be easy. If not and you want to curl your straight hair wig. Spray a natural styling spritz onto the hair shaft and ends to protect them from heat styling tools. Style with curlers or a straightener and spray with a fixing spray. Then give it a light comb or brush to give the hair a more natural look.

Following these tricks will ensure your wig looks natural, you have no lumps, and your wig is styled like a Hollywood glamour star. Now put on your head of luscious hair and feel confident that you are the epitome of glam!


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