5 Common Sex Mistakes for Men and How to Avoid Them

common sex mistakes

Bad sex is a deal-breaker for many couples. In fact, one survey concluded that nearly 70% of couples split due to bad sex.

There are so many mistakes that men make in bed. The good news is that they are easily correctable. Just the mere knowledge of these mistakes will help you avoid them.

Read on to learn all about common sex mistakes. Explore five mistakes that men commonly make so you can avoid them. (Modafinil) Also, get some expert advice on topics such as different sexual positions and when to have sex.

1. Failure to Communicate

The biggest mistake you can make is failing to communicate with your partner. An open line of communication is going to lead to great sex.

Your partner is going to steer you towards what makes them feel good. At the same time, they will also advise you on positions and techniques that do not get the job done.

2. Ditch the Routine

Another big mistake is settling into a routine. Your partner does not want planned sex one night a week at the same time period.

Instead, spice up your sex life by breaking the routine. Talk to your partner about having sex in a new and exciting setting.

Try sneaking in a quickie to break up a grueling Monday morning. Versatility and unpredictability is a great way to turn your partner on.

3. Do Not Overdue Masturbation

Many men masturbate too frequently. They are under the impression that masturbating prior to sex leads to better performance.

While there may be some truth to that, it may also decrease your testosterone. Several studies have been performed on this topic and more info can be found here.

After masturbation, the male body goes into a refractory period. It may be harder to get an erection during this period.

Most things are good in moderation. The same goes for masturbation and we encourage a healthy amount of it.

4. Overreliance on Toys

Sex toys are great for spicing up your relationship. They add something new and exciting to the bedroom. They also enhance your partner’s orgasms and make reaching the climax more likely.

However, it is a mistake to depend on them. Make sure that your significant other can still reach a climax through sexual intercourse.

5. Skip Straight to Intercourse

Moving straight to sex is an avoidable mistake. Instead, try playing the long game. Start off with some innocuous touching and rubbing.

Then, advance to foreplay to get your partner warmed up and ready to go. If you are good at your craft, oral sex is going to lead to orgasm before intercourse even begins.

Your Guide to Avoiding Common Sex Mistakes

You do not need to be a porn star to be great in bed. Simply by putting time in and avoiding mistakes you can get your partner to orgasm.

Steps like communicating more and ditching the routine go a long way. If you enjoyed this article about avoiding common sex mistakes, check out our blog for more great content.


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