Common Mistakes That Can Spoil Your T-Shirt Design

Spoil Your T-Shirt

Everyone loves to wear T-shirts because they are comfortable and have great designs to boot. With so many attractive T-shirt designs making choosing one hard, one is naturally curious to find out what makes for a great design. Some handy tips for those intending to take up designing T-shirts professionally or just for fun: Spoil Your T-Shirt-


For a T-shirt to look good, the size of the design has to be just right. What is the right size of a t-shirt design is debatable and also a matter of personal preference, which is why commercial T-shirt designers tend to follow standard sizing of designs. You will also need to keep in mind that the nature of the design and the characteristics of the T-shirt will influence its size. You will find it is usually better to size circular or square designs a little smaller than standard to make them look better. It may be a good idea to print the design on paper and place it against the T-shirt to know how good it looks. If you are a commercial designer, you will also need to size the design appropriately for T-shirts of different sizes, especially those meant for kids and women. Another aspect you will want to consider to get the size of the design right is the T-shirt style because some styles will only allow a limited area for printing due to the presence of pockets or hoods.


The print placement is often confused with the print location. But actually, it refers to the specific place within the location, where the design will be printed. The importance of the design placement cannot be overestimated since even the most wonderful of designs can be ruined due to incorrect placement. It is better to focus on placing the design on the chest or the back, not the belly because most often, people do not want to draw attention to that part of the body as it tends to be unflattering. However, many modern designs look very well when placed in alternative places like the sleeve or even the collar or neckband. The flexibility in placement allows T-shirts to be widely used for marketing activities, according to Customer Think.

Typography and Fonts- Spoil Your T-Shirt

Typography and fonts are vital aspects of a T-shirt design for wholesale t shirt printing. In addition to selecting a typeface that goes well with the graphics, you need to choose font sizes that ensure legibility and make the intended point. You will have to ensure there is a balance and synergy between the graphics and the text. Often, it boils down to the correct choice of the typeface and the size and spacing of the fonts, both between words and lines. You must be careful not to use too many typefaces and font sizes to avoid confusing the audience. Besides, too many typefaces detract from the T-shirt’s visual appeal. The selection of the typeface and font is important from the point of readability and also for conveying certain emotions. (xanax) It is worthwhile to spend time going through a library of fonts to choose the one right for your design.

Image Quality- Spoil Your T-Shirt

The quality of the print on a T-shirt depends significantly on the resolution of the images you are using. Poor quality files with low-resolution images will look grainy and out of focus when printed. For crisp prints, you must ensure that the images are of high quality and also the print resolution is also set to 200 dpi or more. It means that you cannot lift images from the internet as usually these images are low-resolution and will get pixilated when magnified to a T-shirt print size. The best thing is to use professional-grade photos in a vector file format. They will be high resolution and also you can scale them to print in any size without losing quality. You must take care to avoid screenshots or images extracted from messaging services since they are usually compressed and unfit for T-shirt printing.

Colors- Spoil Your T-Shirt

The selection of colors is vital to T-shirt design for aesthetics and commercial reasons. The more the number of colors used in your design, the more the cost of printing it. Also, you should choose the color palette keeping in mind the printing process. If you are printing by silkscreen process, you need to limit the number of colors and also use halftones that can make tiny dots of only three or four colors appear like many more. If you are printing by a digital process, there are no limitations on the number of colors, but of course, you need to use only as many required and not go wild with them.


In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, a successful T-shirt design is about good composition or how all the elements in the T-shirt are arranged with each other for a harmonious effect. Of course, the composition is open to debate, but generally speaking, the overall impact should be appealing.


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