Choosing A Rehab Center New Jersey: 10 Factors You Need To Consider In 2023

Rehab Center

If you reside in New Jersey and are dealing with an addiction, this guide is for you. Finding a rehab center in the Garden State can be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be at all. 

You’ll find out the ten factors that you need to consider to find a rehab center in 2023. New Jersey is home to several of them. However, you may find that a place like Epiphany Wellness might be able to provide you with the best treatment.

You can check out their website for more information. Let’s get started with our list of factors below.

How close is it to home?

If you are attending rehab, its close proximity to home can be a plus. Especially if you don’t want your family to travel a lengthy distance. The closer it is, the better.

Sometimes, it can be a sacrifice that you have to make. You may have to attend a facility that is away from home. Even if it attends to your specific treatment needs such as recovering from alcohol abuse or opioid addiction.

How much will it cost?

Not all rehab facilities will be the same. Each will come with its own price tag based on the duration of your treatment. Other factors such as the type of facility you’re in can also play a role.

In New Jersey, you can spend anywhere from $5000 to $20000 a month on average for inpatient drug rehab. Outpatient rehab can cost $2000 to $10000. As you can see, inpatient care will be more expensive compared to outpatient rehab.

This can be due to the medical attention you’ll receive on a 24/7 basis. Your insurance can cover most of the expenses, but you may need to consider other funding options as well to go along with it.

Is it a standard rehab facility or luxury?

There are plenty of different rehab facilities each with their own setup and amenities. A standard rehab facility will consist of a setting akin to a medical clinic. You may have a variety of amenities available depending on the location.

These can include different types of classes, therapies, and outdoor activities. Luxury rehab facilities are seen as more upscale and higher end. You’ll have a lot of different amenities available for you.

There is a mix of standard and luxury rehab facilities throughout the state. You’ll want to choose one based on your financial ability and also your personal treatment needs.

Do they have sober housing available?

Your current home or living environment may not be ideal for recovery. It can be that you are living with people who may be using substances. Or home life may be chaotic to the point where it may challenge your sobriety.

You may notice that some facilities have sober housing that is available. They may also have a partnership with someone that will allow alumni of their program to stay in a sober housing facility as part of the next phase of their treatment.

What do they have for aftercare options?

Aftercare will be essential to a recovering addict. They will have therapy options available. They can also attend alumni programs, if available.

The facility can provide these either in-person or online. Keep in mind you also have aftercare options that are online only, but are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Struggles and potential relapses can happen.

However, you can do your part to get the help you need to prevent it from happening.

Will it focus on specific addictions?

 While there are general rehab facilities, there are those that focus on specific addictions. You may go to a facility that focuses on opioid addiction or somewhere that deals with alcoholism. That’s because you’ll have a team of medical specialists that will treat you for specific withdrawal symptoms and similar health situations. You’ll also have specialized counselors that understand the person struggling with a specific addiction.

Do they allow visitors?

This may be a question that you’ll want to ask. If they allow visitors, you may want to ask how often they can see you. Members of your family will be part of your support system.

You may not see them in person as much due to visitor restrictions (if they exist). Or, you may be far away from them since you’re in another part of the state. Check their visitor policy so you can discuss it with your family should you choose a specific rehab center.

It’s important that you keep your treatment and self-care at the forefront. It’s fine for your family to see you in person. But sometimes, you’ll need time to yourself to focus on your treatment.

Are they religious-based?

If you are considering a rehab center, there are those that are based on religion. You may not be a religious person and that’s OK. You can find a facility that isn’t faith-based.

To be fair, there are many treatment facilities that operate on more of a spiritual platform than a religious one. No one should be denied treatment regardless of their personal beliefs.

How long is the average stay?

The average stay for a rehab center can be weeks, even months. It will depend on the treatment plan and how it needs to be followed. It’s important to trust the process and understand that not one person operates on a preset schedule.

You may stay at a place where it can be long-term as opposed to short-term. Keep in mind that the longer you stay in a facility, the more it will cost.

Is it one gender or mixed?

If you are a female, you may prefer a place where the facility has all-female patients. Or you may prefer mixed genders. Either way, you may find a preferred facility based on gender.

There is no judging on your part. It comes down to personal comfort and whether you want a more specialized focus for your treatment.


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