CDC Revokes 14-Day Quarantine Period for Travelers, Faces Criticism

14-Day Quarantine Period

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revoked 14-day quarantine measures for those coming from international places or traveling interstate.

The CDC announced new travel rules on Friday in its online platform. They suggested the travelers comply with territorial, local, tribal, or state recommended rules after getting back. ( The travelers coming from high Covid-19 infected places do not need to go through a 14-day isolation period anymore.

The health agency still thinks that travelers from Coronavirus infected areas can create risks of contaminating for two weeks. But they still removed their suggestions of 14 days quarantine. However, they suggest that travelers follow social distancing rules, wear masks outside their home, wash their hands, and monitor if they have any Coronavirus symptoms.

The CDC website mentions that travelers coming from Coronavirus infected countries might not have symptoms. But they can be a threat to others. People traveling with or without family, have the potential to infect their close ones and within their community.

Every state has measures to control coronavirus spread

CDC reported that every State has its measures for travelers to prevent contamination of Coronavirus. Moreover, some states restrain interstate tours or recommend a 14-day isolation period after returning from other states or countries.

There are many states which ask travelers to get tested for Covid-19 under their quarantine policy. Further, people in the US can visit the government’s websites before choosing their outstation stays and hotels to be cautious.

CDC criticized for not promoting COVID-19 test for asymptomatic people

CDC got criticized for its recent announcement, which said that people from overseas who have no symptoms don’t need to have Coronavirus tests. Moreover, there are speculations that the Trump government directs CDC to have no more tests for those who are asymptomatic of Coronavirus. Brett Giroir, the test coordinator in the US administration, declined these claims.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease researcher, said these new CDC rules could create misinterpretation about the asymptotic contamination of Coronavirus.


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