CBD Oil: What Is It Used To Treat?

use CBD oil to treat

Cannabidiol, also known as cbd, people use CBD oil to treat common ailments. It is a chemical compound called cannabinoids that is found in a marijana plant. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is proving to be very popular as it offers users pain relief and can help with other symptoms without the mind altering effects marijuna is known for. Its reputation in the science world of health and well-being has been growing fast, due to studies proving it can ease symptoms such as anxiety and chronic pain. CBD is available in many different forms and can be consumed as an oil, inhaled with a vape pen or applied to the skin. 

Can CBD Offer Pain Relief?

For thousands of years cannabis has been used as a traditional medicine to treat pain. Recent scientific studies have proved that specific components of cannabis are the reason why it has brought pain relief to those suffering. One of these components is CBD. 

Neuropathic pain is pain caused by damaged nerves. A herniated disc is a very common issue worldwide and is a common condition that neuropathic pain occurs. Some people who suffer from herniated disc pain, feel little to no pain, however many others experience chronic pain, especially in the lower back area. Many people who are experiencing these types of pain use CBD oil to help control the pain and inflammation, due to the qualities of CBD. Many CBD users claim that they have experienced fantastic pain relief while others claim it does very little. 

CBD Oil For Depression And Anxiety

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety and other forms of mental health conditions are very common these days. There are a lot of medicines on the market, prescription and over the counter drugs to help with these conditions however many have a range of unwanted side effects. Some can even lead to addiction. People often find themselves searching for a safer alternative than these types of medications, whether it is a supplement or a change in their diet. A lot of people have decided to use CBD oil to treat products. Many have found CBD as a great alternative to medication and has very little to no side effects. It is important to speak to a medical health expert before you decide to try it.

Can CBD Oil Help You Quit Smoking?

We all know smoking is bad for people’s health. Nicotine addiction is the main reason why people find it difficult to quit smoking tobacco. 1 in every 2 people who smoke will die from a smoking related disease. It can be the cause of lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, some forms of arthritis, the list goes on! There are many methods people use to quit smoking such as nicotine patches, hypnotism, nicotine gum, however more and more people these days are using CBD products to help kick the dirty habit. Some people decide to buy a vape pen that allows them to vape CBD oil. This allows you to replace the toxic habit with the natural alternative that is in CBD oil. This can help smokers avoid their desire to smoke tobacco and still do the same actions by putting a device up to your mouth and inhaling rather than a cigarette. Use CBD oil to treat to relieve stress has been proven now. Stress is one of the main reasons why people find it difficult to quit smoking, so using CBD can help keep a person to stay relaxed when trying to fight off the urges of smoking. 

Using CBD Oil To Help With Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a major problem. In the United States alone over 100 people die everyday due to Opioid overdoses. The opioid epidemic has swept through the whole country leaving many people addicted and others dead. Scientists and doctors are constantly trying to find solutions to help people overcome their addictions. When a person is coming off drugs and attempting to stay clean many people have used CBD products to help them with their withdrawal symptoms. (Benzinga) People claim that CBD products are not found to be addictive. 

Can CBD Help You Sleep? 

There are many issues why people find it hard to sleep at night, for example stress, drinking caffeine late at night, noise pollution and mental health issues. Some people suffer insomnia due to anxiety. A recent study that consisted of 72 patients, 47 of which suffered from anxiety and 24 that had difficulties sleeping. Each person took a 25mg CBD pill for a month. 79.2% of people involved in the study claimed they had lower levels of anxiety and 66% of people said they had better sleep at night time. 

Some people also say they don’t get a good night sleeping due to pain. With many people experiencing pain relief from CBD products it has been a popular method for them to have a proper sleep. 

Downside To Using CBD Products

Some people who use CBD have experienced some side effects. Although this has not been proved scientifically, there are people who have had side effects like diarrhea, loss of appetite, a fluctuation of weight, drowsiness and tiredness. 

There are different types of CBD products and purchasing the wrong one can cause serious problems. Because of the popularity of CBD products, there seems to be a lot of different manufacturers. Some products are low in quality, so perhaps doing a bit of research before you buy a CBD product might be a good idea instead of wasting your hard earned cash. 

Some experts are concerned that CBD has the potential to harm a person’s liver and can lead to liver damage. Research has shown that use CBD oil to treat liver enzymes has increased.

The FDA has only approved one CBD product called Epidiolex. It is a prescription drug that is used to treat people who suffer from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome seizures. All other CBD products are not approved by the FDA.

Scientists are still at the early days of testing CBD products, although more and more studies are being carried out all the time. If you are considering using a CBD product, especially if you are already taking other medication it is vital that you speak to a medical professional for advice.


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