Car accidents with pedestrians – Things to know about such situations

accidents with pedestrians

In metropolitan cities and other highly populated states, road accidents where a car crashes a pedestrian, are way too common. In fact, as per the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a striking rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities that are caused by vehicle crashes.  Have you been involved in a car accidents with pedestrians where your car was the cause of the injury or death of a pedestrian? If yes, there are several things you need to know. Keep reading!

Your car has hit a pedestrian – Immediate steps to take

The most crucial step to take after a car accident that involves a pedestrian is also the first step that you should take. Stop your car instantly and reach out to the pedestrian to take care of him. The victim might need immediate medical help and you should find out ways to provide him that. Exchange your contact number if the victim is in a position to do so and also try to exchange insurance details with any person who’s involved in the accident. 

In case you see there are witnesses of the accident, reach out to them, retain all sorts of evidence and take pictures of the scene of the accident. Remember that not stopping your car at the scene and driving on will make the situation worse. If you go through this Las Vegas legal blog, you’ll find the same advice. 

It is not an automatic fault of the driver in a car-versus-pedestrian collision

Although it can’t be denied that negligence of the driver is usually the main reason behind vehicle collisions with pedestrians but that doesn’t mean that driver’s liability is always absolute. 

In case the pedestrian was crossing a crosswalk during the time of the accident, the fault may rest on the part of the driver if the pedestrian is hit. However, the picture of the accident changes when there are several other factors that come into play. 

What if the victim (in this case, the pedestrian) was crossing the road at a time when he shouldn’t have? What if the pedestrian was walking on a highway where foot traffic is prohibited? In such circumstances, the pedestrian also bears some legal liability for the accident. This is when the shared fault rules of the state will come into play.

Avoid car-accidents with pedestrians

All of us are pedestrians at some point in time and drivers should henceforth adjust their perspective when they sit behind the driving wheel. Here are a few tips for drivers to avoid car-pedestrian collisions. 

  • Be cautious while driving in bad weather or at night
  • Lower the speed or be ready to stop while driving in a crosswalk
  • On seeing a pedestrian in a crosswalk, stop back keeping a safe distance
  • Follow low-speed limit where children are present
  • Be cautious while backing up, as pedestrians move towards your path

Therefore, if you’ve been involved in a car accident that involves a pedestrian, you should keep in mind all the above-mentioned points. 



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