Book Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld to Explore the Attractions of SeaWorld

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

Whenever we think of SeaWorld Orlando, we imagine orcas and dolphins jumping and doing acrobatic activities in front of us. Even though dolphins and orcas are prime elements of the site, you will find many more to explore in Florida’s attraction.

However, before you should plan your trip to different locations of SeaWorld, you must look for a reliable accommodation facility in Orlando. Luckily, you will one of the reputed accommodation facilities i.e. a resort named Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.

Why Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld is Preferable for SeaWorld Tourists

You will find many things, which make your stay at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld worthy and a memorable tour for the life.

Walking Distance

The resort is within the walking distance from SeaWorld of Orlando and the famous Aquatica Water Park.

Offers Resort Style Amenities

Another noticing fact of Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld is that it embraces your relaxation in hotel accommodations containing enough space. Moreover, the site has many resort-style amenities, highlight inspiring views of the surrounding SeaWorld, soaring atrium, and a sparkling swimming pool.

Top Quality Cuisines and Cocktails

Whether you travel with your family members or kids, the trip remains incomplete without tasty cuisines. Hence, Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld includes many restaurants and bars to offer innovative cocktails and distinctive cuisines. Besides, you will find Boardwalk and Tradewinds there.

Attractions/Activities in SeaWorld Orlando

Activities to Involve for Thrill Seekers at SeaWorld 

If you are a thrill-seeker, you should never miss experiencing a roller coaster ride. Popular Orlando SeaWorld roller coasters and breakaway falls are-

Mako Roller Coaster

Mako Roller Coaster in  SeaWorld
Mako Roller Coaster in SeaWorld

Mako is the longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando. It got its name from one of the fastest known sharks in the ocean. The roller coaster moves at a speed of 73 miles per hour and goes to a maximum of 20 feet in height. An interesting aspect is that the roller coaster shows many thrills and deep dives at each of its turns.

Manta Flying Roller Coaster

Manta Flying Roller Coaster is the favorite roller coaster for all, who like to skim, glide, spin, and fly similar to any giant ray. This is the single type of roller coaster found in Florida. An interesting aspect of Manta Flying Roller Coaster is that it taunts face down and headfirst inverted nosedive. With so many features, you will expect to get full riding force across the high seas on a smooth track of the world.

Breakaway Falls of Ihu

If you are still searching for adventures, we recommend you to the famous Breakaway Falls of Ihu at Aquatica of SeaWorld. The fall may easily drop you to a height of 80 feet. This is also the steepest multiple drop tower in Orlando.

Excluding this, you will get a chance to participate in tons of adventurous and thrilling activities in SeaWorld. Just book Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld to get an ultimate enjoyment here.

Attractions for Animal Lovers 

Do you have a curiosity to know the life of marine animals? If yes, SeaWorld is the right place to make a tour with your friends and family members. A few of the attractions available for animal lovers are-

Up-Close Tour with Dolphins

Up-Close Tour with Dolphins in SeaWorld

Choose for an up-close tour with dolphins during your hands-on tour to SeaWorld. This activity works well for tourists, who have limited time on their hands. This is because; along with the amazing experience of swimming with dolphins, you may visit Dolphin Nursery. Here, you get a chance to feed and touch playful dolphins and a photographer will take snaps of your activities.

Empire of the Penguin

Other than this, SeaWorld takes you to the Empire of the Penguin. Here, you will get a glimpse of the habitat of Antarctica and see penguins of five different species in the cool extremes of the icy area. What would be more exciting than seeing penguins waddling around in the marine habitat?

Dining with Orcas

Dining with Orcas is an immersive and memorable family dining in Orlando. Here, you may dine next to the killer whales of the world and watch the special treatment they get regularly in their habitats.

Once you finish your meal, you will get a close-up view of whales with animal care experts and local animal care specialists highlighting a few unique characteristics of majestic whales. During your entire tour, you will know and learn a few small but influencing measures taken by animal care specialists to save valuable resources of the ocean by providing sustainable food items and preserving their natural habitats.

Sites to Visit in SeaWorld for Families and Kids

Walkabout Waters

Wallabout Waters is one of the popular parks for kids in SeaWorld. The park features countless fun of sea life and highlights whimsical characters. However, the main attraction of the site is the towering of 60 feet, which has a rain fortress bursting with tons of excitement and colorful features.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove

If you have small kids in your family, you must try the coolest place named Kata’s Kookaburra Cove in SeaWorld Water Park. The site has its name as a small bitty bird with its big call. The sound is similar to the sound produced when a person tickles his/her funny bone. The quirky and kooky cove can grow up on its own to jump and play. With a body slide of a beginner, silly rides, waterspouts, and others, kids laugh a lot for the whole day.

Entertainment Areas of Sea World

SeaWorld Orlando consists of seven different entertainment areas recognized as seas, which you may walk across well-labeled paths. Each of these possesses a unique aquatic theme. The breakdown of the seas include the following-

Sea of Shallows

Sea of Shallows has a famous seascape and land of Florida names Key West, which is home to many shallow-water animals. Here, you will find many charismatic inhabitants of the sea, like turtles, rays, manatees, dolphins, and flamingoes.

Sea of Legends

Sea of Legends area is popular for its two roller coaster rides named Kraken, and Atlantis Journey. Indeed, the spot is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to get ultimate enjoyment. Kraken has many dark and twisting passages with a watery climax. In contrast, the Atlantis Journey coaster consists of corkscrews and vertical loops to give you a spectacular experience.

Sea of Ice

Sea of Ice has a prime attraction of SeaWorld park. Here, you will a glimpse of Antarctica. The sea area has the Empire of Penguins, which organizes motion-based movies. The movie highlights many adventures of fictional penguins. However, the empire is home to live penguins as well.

Sea of Delight

Sea of Delight lets you experience a Sky Tower ride. Here, you will find a tall observation tower of 400 feet and a double-deck rotating pod. Moreover, here you will find The Waterfront, a mock village of Mediterranean area. The area has gained popularity as an otter and sea lion viewing station. Other than this, Sea of Delight has the Seaport Theater, a park to enjoy the land animal show. The theater or the park features many skilled dogs, ducks, cats, doves, and many potbellied pigs.

Sea of Mystery

Shark Encounter and Shark Wreck Reef are the two prime attractions of Sea of Mystery park. Shark Wreck Reef allows you to experience an underwater ride in a hyper roller coaster. On the other side, Shark Encounter is a marine tunnel. It has a large number of prehistoric beasts swimming above the head. You will also find Nautilus Theater in the area.

Sea of Fun

Sea of Fun is an activity park for young kids. It has a water play area, a junior rollercoaster, and climbing frames. The park has opened Sesame Street, where you will find backdrops and familiar characters of your favourite TV show.

Sea of Power

Sea of Power is a familiar area of SeaWorld park. The sea area is the perfect place for all willing to enjoy iconic orca shows, as here you find Shamu Stadium. You may even find the indoor arena of Wild Arctic, which daily organizes presentations featuring walruses and beluga whales.

Overall, SeaWorld of Orlando has many appealing aspects in its tourists’ sites to give you a pleasant experience for a lifetime.



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