Best Smart-Home Gadgets You Need in 2020

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There is no doubt that technology makes our lives easier, but how can we transfer that to our homes? There are many tech giants that are devoted to making our home a better place. The popularity of smart gadgets for the home is constantly rising, and we expect to see at least one smart home gadget in every home in the next five years.

There are many benefits that come from using smart gadgets for the home, from energy savings to advanced security and easier maintenance.

That’s why we decided that we will cover some of the best smart gadgets for the home that you will find very useful in your home.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

Obviously, you cannot create a smart-home without a smart voice assistant speaker. Amazon’s Echo Dot is not something new, but it is still one of the best smart gadgets for the home that can be very useful.

Voice assistant speaker is very useful if your home has other smart gadgets. Smart home gadgets can communicate with each other using IoT through your wireless network. That’s where the Echo Dot comes in handy. You can turn on/off lights, change the temperature, the automatic vacuum cleaner, or even turn on the wall water fountain using your voice.

  1. Google Nest Hub

Can you imagine having a smart display that is capable of controlling everything in your house? Well, Google Nest Hub can provide that.

Google Nest Hub is a display that will enable you to control the heating/cooling, see that is in front of your door, or turn of/on lights. Apart from these features, Google Nest Hub can be used for browsing useful information on the internet, and it also can be used as a voice assistant.

Additionally, it has a video camera that is great for online meetings if you are working from home.

Basically, the Google Nest Hub is a smart tablet that is capable of managing your entire home.

  1. Google Nest Wifi

In order to install smart devices in your home, you need to have decent wireless coverage. Choosing the best wifi router will enable you to have an uninterrupted connection between smart-home devices like lights, plugs, or smart speakers.

Nest Wifi is one of the most powerful routers on the market. It can cover up to 5,800-square-foot with a strong signal. If that is not enough, you can purchase the Nest with additional signal extenders and cover more space. The best thing about the range extenders is that they can be used as a smart speaker.

  1. TP-Link Smart Plug

You might be surprised that plugs can be upgraded to serve a better purpose, but they can. TP-Link’s smart plug is a great smart gadget that will let you control its power. In other words, you can turn it on/off or make a schedule for automatic powering gadgets.

By using the TP-link, you will be able to lower your electricity bill or power up gadgets on a schedule. The best thing is that it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

  1. Philips Hue Lights

Installing smart bulbs in your home can be a costly investment but very much worth it. Philips smart light bulbs have been a must-have in the smart-home gadget marketplace for years. The company offers many different lights from the floor to home lights and fixtures and outdoor lighting options.

These are color-changing bulbs that can be operated using a voice assistant or through an app on your phone. This will enable you to set the right mood for any occasion without purchasing additional color bulbs.

Final Words

We see smart technology everywhere, from sports websites like BetAmerica, which use AI to find the best NBA daily picks, to our homes full of electronic devices.

Since we are talking about a relatively new category that has been alive for only a couple of years, most of the gadgets tend to be expensive.

However, as we mentioned, we expect the price to go down when many companies enter the market, and we will see more useful and creative features in the near future.


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