Top 10 best pool shock review in 2021

pool shocks

The pool shocks immediately kill or eliminate the algae, bacteria, and other harmful particles or contaminants from the swimming pools water. It keeps the water super crystal clean by giving and using pool shock weekly.

It is an essential part of the pool maintenance routine to make the pool hygiene to swim. It is a mandatory step to follow every week so the people can swim without harming themselves.

  1. CLOROX pool & Spa 33512 CLX pool shock XtraBlue 12 1-lb Bags

This is the most potent pool formula that kills the bacteria without bleaching the pool’s liner or without affecting the water’s PH. It improves the filter performance and kills and prevents the water from black, green, and mustard algae.

This is the fast-dissolving formula that works quickly; in 15 min of using this, one can use the pool for swimming without any harm.

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2. In the Swim Chlorine Pool Shock-12 x 1 Pound bags 

This is the chlorine shock treatment that is great for regular maintenance, which quickly eliminates bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants.

The active ingredients in this shock are 68% calcium hypochlorite for the sanitizing and fast action. It prevents the cloudiness of the water by removing and killing the bacteria, even the micro contamination.

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3. HTH 52026 Super Shock Treatment for swimming pools 

The treatment’s main action is to increase the level of chlorine in the water, which kills and prevents bacteria and algae from the pool water. The one whole packet treats the 13.500 gallons of water.

It doesn’t let the vinyl pool liner fade and give its best results in 24 hours. It makes your pool safe for a whole season with just one packet.

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4. Clorox Pool & Spa Shock Plus Treatment 6 Pack of 1lb bags 

This pool shock destroys the microscopic contamination with the fast-dissolving pool shock kills bacteria, and the algae also improve the filter performance of the pool.

It won’t affect the water’s PH level and made the water and pool ready in 15 minutes after the use of the shock products.

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5. Doheny’s chlorine super shock twenty-four 1-lb bags 

It is very generous for the average or regular pool for its maintenance. It eliminates and kills the bacteria and algae. The main ingredient is 68% calcium hypochlorite.

It kills the invisible active bacteria, gives a super shock to the visible bacteria, and kills the algae, which cause the illness to the swimmers.

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6. Pool essential shock treatment six-pack 

It is a fast working product that dissolves quickly, kills the bacteria, and makes the water crystal clear. This great product decreases the chlorine order and controls the bacteria. Use this treatment deeply and heavy use for the long term.

This is mainly designed for the easy and weekly shock of the pool, which pools a healthy place to swim daily.

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7. DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite swimming pool shock treatment

It is a quick-dissolving swimming pool sanitizer.

It kills the bacteria and controls the algae amount in the water. Its main active ingredient is calcium hypochlorite.

It is a great product to shock your pool weekly to maintain the sanitization of the water. The amount to be used in 10,000 gallons of water is 1 pound.

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8. Chlorox pool & Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Granules 6 pounds 

It stops or kills the green, black, and mustard algae and removes the bacteria. It removes the organic contamination and prevents eye irritation. It has the dual-action, which is shock & clean and clears the water in one use.

You can use it easily and as an excellent treatment product to clear the pools, increase filter performance, and destroy contamination to help the filtration.

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9. Zapit 73% calcium Hypochlorite pool super shock 50-lbs 

It is used in the pool to make the water clear and fresh and great for the spring start-up, gives a quick chlorine boost, and balances the pool water chemistry.

One pound of the treatment treats the 16,500 gallons of pool water. It has the main active ingredient is 73% calcium hypochlorite. It comes with a bucket, which saves time as well as money.

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10. In the Swim Sodium Chlorine Granular pool shock 40lbs 

It is ideal for swimming pools and spas. It is a potent sanitizing powder that kills the bacteria and removes the algae from the water. (Alprazolam)

It also breaks downs the contamination. This product is calcium free which keeps the water sparkling and clear as crystal. This should be used every week for the best use.

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