Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA

Hair Transplant Doctors In USA

Premature hair fall and thinning of hair have become very common problems across the country these days. Bald scalp or thin hair makes individuals look older than they are. It also serves as a blow to their confidence, creating a mental block that does not allow these men and women to realize their true potential. Thankfully individuals suffering from hair loss today have the option of choosing hair transplant to restore not just hair but also their confidence. You don’t need to live in a constant state of despair because of hair loss. All you have to do is to get down to the Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the USA.

Qualifications of the Doctors

Hair transplant is not a quick and easy way of getting back hair on your scalp. It takes the skills and the expertise of a qualified doctor to get the desired results needed by a patient. The cost of hair transplant in Los Angeles can run into thousands of dollars depending upon the extent of hair loss and the area of the scalp that requires transplant of hair. Hair transplant has become advanced and used by patients for restoration of hair and transformation of their looks. However, you still need to find the best hair transplant doctor to carry out the surgical process on your head. After all, you want the best possible results in affordable prices, don’t you? Here is a list of factors to keep in mind when doing your research for the best hair transplant doctor in the USA.

Realizing the craze for hair restoration among the people a large number of hair transplant clinics have mushroomed in all parts of the country. Not all these clinics are created equal in terms of the qualifications and experience of the doctors performing the surgical procedure. You must check out the qualifications and degrees of the doctors to make sure you are in safe hands when going for a hair transplant. After all, it is not just your money or your appearance but also your safety that you have to keep in mind when finalizing the hair transplant doctor.

Experience of the Doctors

Experience of the doctors is very important when shortlisting the clinic. You can do your research on the web to find out how many surgical procedures the team of doctors has carried out and what techniques they use to restore hair on the scalp of the patient. FUE and FUT techniques are not static but evolving all the time. You know by checking out the experience of the doctors whether they have constantly updated their skills or not. The latest techniques of hair transplant are quicker, more convenient, and completed in lesser time. Make sure yu find a clinic where the doctors have at least 10 years of conducting hair transplant operations and who are also updated with the latest techniques in this field.

Aesthetic or Artistic Skills of the Doctors

Hair transplant is one surgical procedure where academic qualifications are not a guarantee of getting the desired results. It is not a treatment for an ailment where the patient is not worried about his appearance. But in the case of a hair transplant, your looks are dependent upon how well the doctor has carried out his job of hair transplant. Hair restoration through grafting of hair follicles is 60% artistic skills and the rest is scientific in nature. Grafts need to be placed in a zigzag fashion on the scalp so that the hair of the patient looks natural after re growth.  If your doctor has these artistic skills, his efforts will show in the transformation of your personality and the level of your satisfaction.

Before and After Photos of Patients

Once you have conducted research on the internet and shortlisted a few clinics in Los Angeles, it is a good idea to ask for the before and after photos of patients who have received hair transplant from the clinic earlier. By looking closely at these photos, you can surely make up your mind whether to undergo hair transplant from these doctors or not.

Reviews or Testimonials from Actual Patients

If you are not feeling confident even after checking the certifications and the experience of the doctor, you need to find out the views of the actual patients who have received hair transplants from him earlier. If these men and women are all praised for the skills of the doctor and the results they obtained from hair transplants carried out by him, you can go ahead and book an appointment with the doctor. It is indeed very reassuring to listen to the satisfying experiences of the actual patients who have undergone the surgical procedure. Facilities at the clinic and the nature of staff also matter a lot so check them out personally before finalizing the clinic.

A qualified and experienced doctor will recommend the technique of hair transplant more suited in your case. He will also recommend the number of grafts you need to cover the scalp and to have better looks. Most importantly, he will carry out a hair transplant to bring the desired results for you.


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