Dental Financing: 6 Benefits of Financing Your Dental Visits

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Roughly half the American adult population pops into the dentist twice per year. While it’s great to hear that the US population is taking their health so seriously, a big negative to seeing a dental professional so often is cost.

Whether it’s getting fillings or a root canal, you can easily get stung for thousands of dollars worth of bills at the dentist depending on the volume of work you get done and your insurance quality. Fortunately, there’s a way that people with poor or no insurance can get the dental help they need without overexposing their bank accounts.

That way is dental financing.

Dental financing enables you to enjoy regular dental visits and the dental care you need without having to worry about paying your whole tab out of pocket. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of financing your dental work!

1. Buy More Services

There’s nothing worse than needing 4 fillings and having to tell the dentist to fill just 2 of the 4 for cost reasons. That “Sophie’s Choice” situation can be avoided via dental financing.

With financing, you’ll be able to get all of the dental work you need done and just have to worry about keeping up with a low monthly payment that’s spread out over months or even years.

Think, could you easily part ways with $1200 right now? What about $50 per month over 2 years? We’re willing to bet the $50 sounds a lot more feasible!

That’s the power of dental financing.

2. Don’t Lower Your Quality of Life

When certain serious dental procedures need to get done, they need to get done. This often puts people that are tight on cash in positions where they’re forced to part ways with more money than they’d like to and then have to deal with the repercussions of that for years.

For example, if you had to liquidate your savings to take care of emergency dental work, you’d naturally need to be very cautious until you can build your savings back up. That might impact the activities you take on for months or longer.

Dental financing lets you hang onto your cash and consequently, your mobility!

3. Get the Work You Need Faster

Some people don’t have the savings in place to pay for emergency dental work, even if they wanted to! Those people are forced to wait before they can get rid of their dental pain, improve the appearance of their smile, and more.

Dental financing allows patients in need to fast-forward those timelines and to get work done now, even if money isn’t on hand.

With most financing plans, you won’t even need to pay anything on the day of your visit. Thereafter, you’ll just keep up with whatever low expense your bill breaks down to over a series of months, all while enjoying your improved smile.

4. Keep Your Network Liquid

You might be thinking to yourself, “Dental financing is a bad how to save money at the dentist tactic seeing as how interest costs will make overall costs higher. I don’t want that!”

That’s a fair point, depending on your financing’s interest rate.

Let’s say your dental financing cost you 2% interest on a $5000 tab. By paying that interest and keeping those $5000 in the bank as opposed to dropping it all at the dentist, could you find ways to accrue more than 2% interest on that cash?

Put your money into a mutual fund and we’re willing to bet that the answer to that question would be a resounding yes!

In that context, you can see why paying 2% interest on dental work to gain 6% interest on the money you’ve held onto makes financial sense.

5. Develop a Credit History

Anybody that says there’s no positive aspect to borrowing money via financing doesn’t know about building up a credit history. Credit history is one of the most powerful financial tools you’ll have in your arsenal as you grow older because it’ll let you make big purchases for lower prices.

By financing your dental care and making your payments on time, you’ll develop a record as a responsible borrower which will translate into getting better interest rates on cars, houses, and more in the future.

6. Take Advantage of Low Rates and Other Offers

In today’s COVID economy, businesses are working hard for people that have no money for dentist visits by offering the most aggressive financing we’ve seen in years. We’re talking low to no interest and even discounts on treatments that are financed.

Walk into your local dentist’s office and ask them what sort of financing offers they have. You might be surprised to learn that if you’re willing to finance your work over a tight period and pay everything back on time, you’ll be able to get the dental work you need done without needing to spend an extra dime for spreading out your payments.

You never know unless you ask though, so truly, start the conversation!

Dental Financing Helps People in All Economic Situations

The dental payment options that dental financing enables are god sent for those that can’t afford dental care. Financing is also helpful for affluent people that would rather hold on to and accrue interest on their money.

Bottom line, no matter where you’re at in life, it always makes sense to claim low-interest financing on your dental care. We hope this post communicated as much to you and that you’re ready to talk to your practitioner about their financing specials the next time you see them.

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