Be There in Spirit: Inspired Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Long Distance Friends

Maybe it’s a friend you grew up with or a friend from college. It might be a family member like a sibling or cousin. Either way, when a friendship is to be nurtured long distance, it can take some planning and clever execution. There are no last-minute coffee dates or impulsive dinners together. A long distance friendship can be difficult to maintain but the reward is someone you feel that no matter the time or distance between you, the love is always there for long distance friends.

  • Macramé Photo Display. Not only is this eco-friendly, but your friend will love how it hangs so charmingly on their wall! Add all types of memorabilia like photos of the two of you together, postcards from places you’ve explored, and even artwork.
  • Digital Photo Frame. Now you can share a bunch of photos with your favorite person! A 10.1” display allows for ample viewing, and you can upload your photos via email or your phone and instantly share the joy with your bestie. Alternate the ‘playlists’ or feed multiple playlists to each photo frame.
  • Gift Cards. Who knows your best friend better than they know themselves? You do, of course, and now is your chance to prove it. Retailers around the globe accept gift cards for their various goods and services. You can choose to gift your friend their morning cup of Joe or a quick stop at their favorite fast food restaurant. Or, if they have fur babies, they’ll put a pet store gift card to good use. (Ambien)
  • A Cravebox. With winter coming, we all need a little comforting. The Cravebox is a care package that will be treasured and appreciated! Chock full of a variety of crackers, cookies, chips, popcorn, bars, candies, and more, every time they reach for a bag, they’ll think of you.
  • Kitty Cat Planters. No, they aren’t for planting cats; these sweet little ceramic planters have the face of a kitty painted onto them and are just big enough to give a succulent a home. A hole on the bottom helps with growth and drainage, and they are environmentally friendly so your friend can place them inside, or out!
  • Best Friend Makeup Bag. Remind them just how much they mean to you by giving them a makeup bag that boasts the definition of a best friend. Fashion-forward and bestie approved, it’s sure to ‘line’ your hearts with love.
  • Long Distance Friendship Lamp. If your friendship is long distance, you know that sometimes it’s the non-verbal ways you communicate with one another that sets you apart from the rest. Whether it’s a psychic connection that they knew you would call or you were thinking of each other at the same time, the Long Distance Friendship Lamp lets friends brighten each other’s worlds with one gentle tap of the finger.
  • Funny Wine Coasters. Spread a little confidence, good humor and cheer with these funny wine coasters. Now your friend can avoid red wine stains and have a good chuckle at the same time.
  • Bad Girls Throughout History Book. Are you and your friend proud of your adventures and accomplishments? Celebrate the women who were there before you. In this book by Ann Shen, you’ll find all sorts of interesting and inspiring facts about women who dared to change the world.
  • A Cute, Insulated Lunch Bag. Don’t let your friend go to work toting her lunch in a boring paper bag. Get her a cute, insulated lunch bag to hold whatever meal she prefers, along with drinks, and fruit. And she’ll be eating in style.
  • The I Wrote a Book About You, Book. Who doesn’t want to be the protagonist of their own book? This little black book is filled with pages to fill out about your best friend. It’s fun, lighthearted and sweet, and your friend will be delighted to read it when you’re through!
  • Soul Sisters Friendship Necklaces. Made of 925 Sterling Silver, the Soul Sisters necklaces are a pair of necklaces with arrow pendants that face one another. You’ll be reminded of your bond each and every time you wear it, and be inspired to offer your support and encouragement to one another.
  • Long Distance State Coffee Mug. Is your friend out of state? Out of the country? These mugs are customizable to creatively depict different states, countries or even provinces of your choice. There are a variety of color options and it is accompanied by a heartfelt friendship quote.

Just because your friend is miles away, doesn’t mean the two of you can’t keep the connection going, even stronger than before! Giving them a thoughtful gift for the holidays, their birthday or ‘just because’ will help remind them how much you truly care.


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