Baseball Fundamentals: 3 Baseball Skills to Develop in Your Child

baseball skills

Did you know there are more than two million little league baseball players in the world? That’s more than the entire population of Nebraska!

Perhaps your child is thinking about joining a little league team. Maybe they’ve already joined a team and you want to help them develop their baseball skills.

If that sounds like you, good news! We’ve put together this article to give you an idea of the most important little league baseball drills for your child, so read on.

1. Hitting: One of the Most Essential Baseball Skills

Baseball hitting fundamentals are of the most important elements to focus on. They might also be one of the most fun and popular parts of training. What kid doesn’t love batting practice?

Be sure to focus on your child’s form and stance. Swinging with all their power might be a lot of fun, but it’s important to focus on the finer points of the swing.

Focus on baseball swing fundamentals and look towards all those future home runs for motivation!

2. Catching and Fielding

Sure, every kid wants to be the hero at the plate. But a good baseball player needs a wide range of skills. So, when you’re teaching baseball fundamentals, don’t forget the catching.

While there are a few key techniques aspiring catchers should work on, there’s nothing like practice for building up this skill. If your child is lacking confidence, be sure to start slow and help them steadily build their catching abilities. Be as encouraging as possible but stay persistent and you’ll soon see their skills blossom.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork isn’t so much a skill as a life lesson. But it’s so valuable to athletes of all types!

Try to find examples of good sportsmanship and teamwork in the major leagues. Emphasize good examples and encourage your child to live up to these high standards.

Of course, teamwork and sportsmanship aren’t enough on their own. You’ll still need to ensure your child goes through a strong set of little league baseball drills. That way, they’ll have a well-rounded set of skills that will make them an asset to any team!

Assess and Organize Your Little League Baseball Drills

If you’re practicing multiple times each week, it’s important to keep on top of your schedule. You need to balance things out to ensure your child gets the necessary spread of skills.

Consider using a little league baseball skills assessment form to manage your time effectively. There are plenty of these free forms available to print out online. Many have been specially designed by expert coaches to help you form a great schedule.

More Sports Knowledge to Keep You Fit and Healthy

Whatever baseball skills you want to focus on, be sure to make your drills fun and engaging. The worst thing a parent can do is make drills unappealing or too hard. That could potentially put a child off America’s national pastime for life!

Did you enjoy reading our article on baseball fundamentals? There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out our sports and fitness articles.


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