5 Pieces of Awesome Outdoor Camping Gear You Are Probably Forgetting

outdoor camping gear

Do you love heading out to the best national parks and natural areas in the U.S with your tent and a spirit of adventure? If you love camping then you know there’s always a moment on the trip where you think, “I should’ve brought that!” And if you’re new to camping, then you need to know the five must-haves that will make your trip fantastic. Check out these five essential outdoor camping gear items and add them to your packing list.

1. Hammock

Okay, so a hammock isn’t really camping survival gear, but it is an awesome piece of camping gear that should make it onto the packing list. There are few things better than setting up a hammock under a shaded tree canopy.

It makes for a great spot to read a book, an excellent camp rocker for infants, and doubles as an extra sleeping spot if needed.

Don’t forget hammock straps, which you can find here.

2. Headlamp

You may have camp lights, which is great but everything becomes just a little more challenging to do when it becomes dark. Flashlights require the use of your hands, which makes it difficult to do anything else, such as cook, while also having light.

With a headlamp, you free up both of your hands and the light is directed wherever you look. It’s absolutely essential for outdoor camping.

3. Solar Charger

Oftentimes you’ll be camping in places that don’t have electrical outlets and you’ll need a way to keep your electronics full of juice. Introducing the portable solar charger which is an awesome and functional piece of gear for camping.

If you’re camping in warm, sunny weather, these chargers are highly efficient. They harness enough solar energy to charge phones, cameras, and headlamps.

4. High-Quality Knife

A good-quality sharp knife should always be a part of your camping survival bag. There are plenty of times you’ll need a sharp knife which you can get it from reputed knife store. From chopping up food to filleting a fish and cutting a rope.

A compact, lightweight, and sharp survival knife always comes in handy.

5. First-Aid Kid

Medical kits may not be the coolest camping gear, but they’re essential survival gear. When you’re out in nature, you’re vulnerable to small injuries, insect bites, and the like. You need to be prepared to deal with these so that your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Always have a first-aid kit with basic supplies such as gauze, plasters, antihistamines, and painkillers. You can either make your own kit or buy one ready-made with all of the essentials.

Which Outdoor Camping Gear Do You Need?

Do you already have some of these outdoor camping gear items? Or do you need to head to your nearest outdoor shop to stock up? These five items are guaranteed to come in handy on every camping trip and you’ll be happy you packed them.

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