Arlington Diamond Pendant: The Essential Guide

Arlington Diamond
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A necklace would look dull without a pendant. Make sure to get a pendant for your necklace and make sure it is something that can represent you as the wearer. Check on diamond pendant ideas in Arlington to know how you can make your pendants more personalized and unique. Here are details on the Arlington diamond pendant: the essential guide to help you make your pendant more lovely and attractive. 

Which Diamond is Best for a Pendant? 

When buying diamonds for any jewelry, quality matters most Since this can determine the appearance and longevity of your pendant. When choosing a diamond for your pendant in Arlington always consider the 4cs: Color, clarity, carats, and cut. The color Grades F to G is ideal since this color creates good brilliance and fire. So it is perfect for pendants. For clarity, higher clarity is the best choice but pricey, so I1 or S1 can be a good alternative since this grade doesn’t have too many inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Too many inclusions can affect the brilliance of diamonds and it wouldn’t look good on the pendant. For the carats, choose carats that can enhance the spark of your diamond rather than focusing on the size. For the cut, choose something that can make your pendant shine brighter and bring the brilliance of the stone. Round cuts are the best but you can opt for the shape you like. 

Choose the Type of Pendant Setting

The setting will keep your diamond in place and add more sparkle and beauty to your pendant. The most common settings used are prong, bezel, and tension settings. Prone Setting can make the diamonds shine brighter since it allows maximum light to hit the diamond. Make sure that the prongs are strong enough to hold the diamond in place. A tension setting can be ideal for people who want a more unique design. This setting is one of the newest settings for pendants. The bezel setting is ideal for securing your gems since the sides are partially or fully wrapped with metals. 

How Long Should a Diamond Pendant be and What Shape of the Diamond is Ideal?

In choosing a shape for your pendant make sure to be wise since this will affect the overall appearance and quality of your pendant. Also, refer to the chain. An average chain usually measures 16 inches but can vary depending on what the wearer wants. Here are some ideas for choosing the shape for your pendants when shopping one in Arlington, TX:

  • Solitaire Diamonds pendants have a single diamond on them. This is a common shape for pendants 
  • Three stone Pendants can be a good option to showcase your diamonds since they will contain one center stone then two side stones. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. 
  • Heart-shaped diamond pendants are one of the most popular diamond pendants. It can easily be customized and its symbol can be easily understood. 

What types of jewelry are in demand in Arlington?

When buying a pendant in Arlington, always make your purpose and know what’s in demand. For instance, if you are planning to give it as a gift then choose something that the wearer will appreciate. Such as considering their favorite shape so you can use this as your preference when buying a pendant. But if you are buying it for yourself, then ask yourself if you will be using it for a special occasion or daily wear. This way you can decide if you will make it extravagant or simple. If you are planning to wear it for an occasion when you can have your pendant customized according to the theme of the occasion. Knowing what’s in demand can help you decide if you will go with the trend of creating something unique. 


How Do You Take Care Of A Diamond Pendant? 

Having an idea on how to clean your pendant even before buying one can help you decide what kind of pendant will be ideal for you. Pendants with intricate designs are hard to clean, however, when cleaning your pendant leaving them with the expert is the best way to do it. They have the necessary cleaning materials to use on your jewelry. It will also be wise to ask your seller if they cover this type of service. 

Learning about Arlington diamond pendants before buying one can help you determine what are the best qualities of a diamond pendant. It is wise to consider some factors before purchasing your diamond pendants. 



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