Are There Health Benefits to Getting a Dog?

Getting a Dog

The majority of pet owners in the U.S. have dogs. Besides being pets, dogs are considered important family members. Many people prefer dogs over other pets because they are friendly, loyal, and controllable. Additionally, owning a dog as a pet comes with many advantages. Here are the benefits of getting a dog.

1. Dogs Provide Companionship

While dogs cannot speak, having a fluffy will make you feel less lonely. They will be your source of companionship and comfort. Your dog will be there with you when no one is around.

Dogs will offer you emotional support, social support, unconditional love, and relaxing cuddles to make you feel better. The support and love will make you cheerful and help you overcome social isolation and other personal crises that you may have.

Look for a micro mini bulldog for sale if you want a pet for companionship. They are cheerful and easy to carry when traveling.

2. Dogs Improve Physical Activity

Getting a dog is beneficial in keeping you in better shape. Since dogs need regular exercises to keep them healthy, owning one or more will help you engage in routine physical activity and get in good shape. Taking your dog for a walk or jog allows you to exercise and attain improved fitness levels.

Besides walking and jogging, you can do other physical activities with your furry friends, such as swimming and playing games like throw and fetch to keep you active.

3. Dogs Offer Security

Owning a dog can help increase your safety and security. Some dog breeds are natural guards born to protect their owners and property. They have a protective instinct and will defend their owners against threats.

Other dog breeds can keep you safe too. They will bark when they detect strangers and deter criminal and violent attacks against you, your family, or your property.

4. Dogs Increase Happiness

You are less likely to be sad or depressed if you own a pet. Research has shown that dog owners have higher dopamine levels, a happy hormone. That’s because dogs are calming and soothing, enabling them to help you reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Dogs know how to initiate interactions and prevent owners from wallowing in thoughts. You will never get bored when your dog is around, and your happiness level will tremendously increase.

5. Dogs Boost Immune Systems

Dogs can boost your immune system and protect you from getting ill by boosting your microbiome. Exposing yourself to your canine friend’s probiotics strengthens your body’s ability to fight infections. Probiotics are helping bacteria that help to keep humans and animals healthy. Owning a dog can protect you and other people in your household against allergies and breathing conditions such as eczema and asthma.

6. Dogs Respond to Emergencies

It is always good to have a helping hand in case of emergencies. Dogs are capable animals that can identify the warning signs of various diseases like seizures. If well trained, your dog can respond to such medical emergencies and help save your life.

Your dog can also help you in case of falls and other accidents. It would be best to get a dog if you live with a little child or an older adult to help you keep an eye on them.

7. Dogs Increase Attraction

Owning a dog can make you more lovable and attractive. Multiple research findings have shown that dogs improve human attractiveness. Individuals are more attentive and responsive towards people escorted by dogs than people not accompanied.

You will interact with more people on your walks and jogs if you get a four-footed friend to accompany you. They will want to know your dog’s name, age, and other details. These interactions will help you create relationships with people.

8. Dogs Improve Heart Health

Having a dog can improve your heart health. You will have lower chances of suffering heart disease if you own a dog. That’s because having a dog reduces cardiovascular reactivity when experiencing stress. (

Research also indicates that dogs improve their owners’ cardiovascular health by decreasing anxiety levels, promoting regular physical activity, reducing stress, and maintaining optimal blood pressure. A person with a dog has a higher propensity to survive heart attacks than individuals without dogs.

As you can see, there are great advantages to getting a dog. What are you waiting for? A good friend is waiting for you at your local kennel.


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