How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux?

Do Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Acid Reflux

Apple cider vinegar is usually produced from crushed apples. Bacteria and yeast are added to ferment liquid. In the beginning, the liquid resembles a hard apple cider due to the content material. More fermentation alters the alcohol to vinegar.

Organic and raw apple cider vinegar is allowed to ferment naturally. These fluids are unfiltered and usually take on a brown, muddy look. This method leaves behind the”mom” of the apple.

The mom is a cobweb-like material found in the base of all bottles of apple cider vinegar. Nonorganic apple cider vinegar is pasteurized, and also the mom of apple is eliminated.

It is believed that the mom is full of proteins, enzymes, and pectin. As a result of this, organic varieties are considered the gold standard when used to treat health conditions, like acid reflux.

What would be the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can offer many health benefits.

For many people, acid reflux might be a consequence of too little stomach acid. Proponents of this treatment assert apple cider vinegar may be beneficial since it introduces further acid to the digestive tract. This acid can also be effective against several types of bacteria and functions as an antimicrobial agent.

Apple cider vinegar can also help individuals with diabetes manage blood glucose. Ingesting vinegar may increase your body’s insulin sensitivity. This permits the insulin to move glucose via your entire body and reduce your glucose levels.

What does the study say?What does the study say

Apple cider vinegar may improve acid reflux in people not taking drugs and with minimal risk. But even though there is a good deal of anecdotal evidence, there is very limited study.

In reality, no study behind this claim was printed in a medical journal. A graduate thesis did discover that uncooked or apple cider vinegar can protect against heartburn, however.

More study is required to ascertain whether apple cider vinegar is a more constant and respectable means to deal with acid reflux.

How to use apple cider vinegar to deal with acid reflux?How to use apple cider vinegar to deal with acid reflux

You might try using apple cider vinegar to relieve acid reflux symptoms, however, there is no guarantee it will get the job done. It is believed this house remedy helps to balance your gut pH by neutralizing stomach acid.

It is generally accepted as safe to eat a small quantity of apple cider vinegar. Dilute it with water. This should alleviate any burning sensation brought on by the acid from the vinegar.

Diluting it might also help prevent the acid from damaging the enamel on your teeth. To further prevent this, drink it through a straw, if at all possible.

A lot of men and women find the taste of apple cider vinegar to be sour or sharp. You might think to add honey into the remedy to flavor.

Is it safe to use apple cider vinegar for acid reflux?

Normally, the risk of using apple cider vinegar for acid reflux is minimal. Many women and men drink it daily to get blood sugar control, weight loss, and even more without having adverse effects. But no research confirms it’s safe to use in the very long run.

For most people, apple cider vinegar makes psoriasis worse. Those men and women who have a very bloated food pipe may experience extra soreness and burning after drinking soda.

People who’d like to try apple cider vinegar to acquire moderate reflux can blend between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of the vinegar into a glass of water. Taking this before or after meals may diminish acid reflux symptoms in certain people.

It is not a fantastic idea to drink apple cider vinegar for moderate to severe acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD.

Side effects of drinking apple cider vinegar

Aside from the odds of making eczema, apple cider vinegar has the potential to erode tooth decay. To safeguard your teeth always dilute the vinegar then take it with a meal. Follow up apple cider vinegar tonics with a mouth wash or use a straw.

Apple cider vinegar may interact with medications like diuretics and insulin. Those who take any medications or nutritional supplements should consult their doctor before drinking apple cider vinegar.

Other home remedies for acid refluxOther home remedies for acid reflux

A person with acid reflux should avoid eating citrus fruit.

In the majority of cases of moderate to moderate reflux, home remedies and lifestyle alterations provide considerable symptom relief.

Lifestyle changes that can help people reduce acid reflux symptoms include:

  1. Reaching a healthy weight. Individuals who are obese or obese are at greater risk of acid reflux, according to the findings of several studies. This may possibly be a consequence of the surplus strain on the gut, which may push up acid to the food pipe.
  2. Preventing tobacco use. According to a 2016 review paper, smoking leads to acid reflux by relaxing the muscle between the stomach and stomach. This allows acid to develop.
  3. Elevating the head of the mattress. The International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders advocates that people with acid meds use cubes or wedges to enhance the brain of their beds. Gravity will help control reflux.
  4. Wearing loose clothing. Tight clothing, especially around the gut area, can push acidity in the gut into the food pipe.
  5. Practice decent eating habits. Practice portion control and eat gradually to encourage digestion. Avoid lying down while eating or more than 3 hours of mealtimes.
  6. Avoiding certain foods and drinks may enhance the symptoms of acid reflux. Though food triggers vary from 1 person to a different, a few foods and drinks that may Lead to gut include:
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits, such as apples, lemons, and grapefruit
  • Fatty or fried foods
  • Onions and garlic
  • Mint
  • Hot foods
  • Berries and tomato-based goods, for example, pasta noodles and noodles

When acid reflux continues after removing these foods from the diet, individuals can try keeping a food diary to track their food intake and symptoms. This could help a person identify their private reflux triggers.

When to Find a DoctorWhen to Find a Doctor

People with severe acid reflux, especially reflux that does not get better with home remedies, may want to take medication. In rare conditions, they may require surgery.

Someone ought to see a doctor if acid reflux persists for more than a few weeks, or if it becomes worse. Someone ought to seek immediate medical attention should they experience reflux as well as:

  • Black or red stool
  • Chest discomfort throughout activities
  • Difficulty swallowing or ingesting
  • Vomiting of blood or granules that resemble coffee reasons
  • Weight Reduction


Apple cider vinegar is a favorite natural treatment for acid reflux and heartburn. A whole lot of women and men assert it alleviates their symptoms.

However, there is not any scientific research to say that apple cider vinegar is more effective for acid reflux. There is also no research to suggest that drinking apple cider vinegar is safe.

For these reasons, it might be best to test some proven home remedies for acid reflux, such as preventing food triggers, maintaining a healthy weight, and changing the position of the mattress.

Those who have severe or continuing heartburn or reflux should see their doctor discuss drugs or other treatments that may alleviate symptoms.


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