Check Out These Affordable Travel Destinations for the Whole Family!

affordable travel destinations

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Global pandemics and quarantines don’t bode well for mental health or stress, meaning that many people need a well-deserved vacation.

The world has yet to recover from COVID-19, and most experts recommend avoiding international travel if possible. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start looking at amazing different travel destinations and making plans.

Keep reading to learn about some beautiful yet affordable travel destinations.


When most people think of the Pacific Islands, they imagine expensive, luxury vacations. Although you have the possibility to do that, Fiji’s cheap prices may surprise you.

Fiji Airlines has a stopover in Fiji, meaning that you can often find flights for a cheaper price than to other island destinations. Look past the 5-star resorts, and you’ll find a host of cheap accommodations, as well as accessible transportation options. This has helped create a thriving backpacker community.

Once there, you can enjoy stunning beaches, amazing food, and friendly locals without going bankrupt.

Latin America

There are few places in the world that let you explore jungles with ancient ruins, surf on ocean waves, and enjoy dinner in a cosmopolitan metropolis on the same day. Different countries in Latin America allow you to do all of that, and more.

Smaller countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador allow you to get by on less than $20 a day. This includes accommodations, food, and transportation. ( For a more “expensive” option, you can go to countries such as Costa Rica or Panama. Expect to pay $40-60 a day in these locations.

Regardless of which country you decide on, you’re certain to enjoy the rich culture, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and friendly people.


Like the United States, China has so many different sights to see due to its size. Add thousands of years of history onto that, and you have a country that you can spend years exploring.

Although China isn’t as cheap as it once was, you’ll still find lower prices than in many other parts of the world. You can find hostels and hotels for less than $20 in cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing. You’ll also have access to cheap and delicious foods.

However, some of the best sights China has to offer are outside of the major cities. Take a train or a bus to nearby villages or landmarks and you’ll see some of the most amazing sites in the world. You’ll also find incredible bargains and travel deals.


Another adventurer’s paradise, India has so much to offer and see. You can also experience all of it at a cheap price.

The U.S. dollar has increased in strength in recent years, giving it more spending power in India. Today, you’ll find it difficult to spend more than $50 a day, unless you stay at luxury resorts and eat Western food at every meal.

$30 a day will allow you to do all of the things you want, while still enjoying a comfortable experience. Prices such as these make it an incredible backpacking destination. You’ll find amazing cultural history, curious and friendly locals, and regional diversity that’ll make you plan your trip back the moment you arrive back at home.

Eastern Europe

No matter which country you decide on, Europe never fails to disappoint. However, to find the cheapest prices and deals, consider going East.

Countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova give you the charm of Western Europe without the high prices of places such as London, Paris, or Prague. But don’t let the cheap prices fool you; the countries aren’t the poor, post-Soviet countries that many people believe them to be.

Take a jump off of the beaten path to enjoy historical sights, delicious food, and great beer prices that most other locations struggle to beat.


Check any travel list showcasing cheap options, and odds are that you’ll see Thailand at the top of the list. There’s a reason for that: Thailand is as cheap as it is beautiful.

Spending around $30 a day will let you take advantage of affordable guesthouses, transportation, food, and attractions. If you crave something a bit more luxurious, $50 a day will let you explore pristine islands and stay in opulent resorts.

There’s also a lot of Thailand to see, from huge cities such as Bangkok, to islands in the south like Koh Phi Phi. After returning home, you’re sure to want to head back and explore some more.

If you’re traveling to Thailand from the United States, the flight can seem a bit long. Make sure to bring quality travel cushions

to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

South Korea

When planning trips to Asia, most people seem to skip over South Korea. That’s a shame, as South Korea offers incredible attractions, all at an affordable price.

Incheon International Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in the world, ensuring that you can always find a cheap and convenient flight. You can then take a quick train to Seoul, one of the most high-tech, amazing cities in the world.

Like other Asian countries, South Korea balances the old with the new. You’ll see modern, glittering skyscrapers next to thousand-year-old temples. Coupled with the cheap prices, it’s a combination that’s hard to shy away from.

Looking to Get Away? Try One of These Affordable Travel Destinations

Although the world is not back to “normal”, it’s never too early to begin planning your next vacation. After reading this guide, you now have some great ideas for different affordable travel destinations. Travel to one of these locations to get away without having to worry about breaking your budget.

Do you have any other family vacation ideas? Make sure to let us know in a comment down below!

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