A Simple Guide to Help You Choose the Right Vape

the Right Vape

This write-up will focus on three popular types of vapes: pod system, vape pen, Suorin vapes and box mod. the Right Vape

If you are a beginner planning to quit smoking with the help of vaping, then you should start with either the pod system or vape pen. They are some of the best alternatives to help you switch from smoking. Opting for a box mod device is more suited for advanced users. 

Depending on your choice, you can refer to the following sections to choose the right vape for yourself.

POD SYSTEM- the Right Vape

Pod systems are popular amongst newbies looking to switch from smoking. You can choose from an open pod system or a closed pod system. 

Closed pod systems are pre-filled, so you need not worry about refills. You simply insert a pre-filled pod and start vaping. An open pod system lets you refill the pod with your choice of flavor. There are numerous sophisticated pod systems like the berry blast that offer various options and enhanced safety mechanisms.

  • Chose the closed pod system depending on the ease of use, accessibility, and battery life
  • Opt for an open pod system when you are specific about the flavors and refiling yourself


Like pod systems, vape pens are a great choice for people new to the vaping world. You can kick the habit of smoking using vape pens. Since they are designed in a pen style, you still get the feel of smoking a cigarette. An advantage of vape pens over pods is that pens give out similar vapor to a cigarette. 

The amount of smoke produced in vape pens is similar to that of cigarettes, and so it is ideal for smokers or ex-smokers. It is an easy-to-use mouthpiece that comes in a cylindrical shape. 

Since the main aim of opting for vaping is to get rid of smoking, a vape pen helps trick the mind into following the same habit. The only difference is that it is less harmful.


As we advised earlier, a box mod system is more suited for advanced users. You get to control the wattage temperature and change batteries. A box mod comes with a regulated chipset that has safety features. You can rest assured that you will not get electrical shocks due to its protective build.

A major advantage of using box mod is that the battery life in this type of apparatus is longer. Most box mods can fit up to 3 removable batteries. Therefore, you only need to carry spare batteries if the old ones dry out. 

Since you can alter the wattage in the box mod, you can expect better vapor production. If you are a cloud chaser, then a box mod would be what you are looking for. 

You can control every aspect of box mods since they are built with a sophisticated mechanism to suit your needs. A box mod gives you numerous modification options, from managing the temperature to using various settings like theme or puff counter.

Final Words

Choosing a vape might be daunting if it’s your first time. However, you can easily switch to your favorite vape with proper guidance and a better understanding. Use this guide as a starting step and kick the habit of smoking.


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