A Simple Guide to Cheap & Effective Skin Care!

Cheap & Effective Skin Care

A Simple Guide to Cheap & Effective Skin Care! A person’s face influences how other people perceive you. (trendstees.com) It has very little to do with physical attractiveness, but rather more to do with how presentable you come off to others. If you still have no skincare routine, then take notes!

We understand that it can get overwhelming when you first try to take care of your skin. There are rows upon rows of skin products, and it’s virtually impossible to make a decision. But, here’s the golden truth: a skincare routine does not need to be elaborate or complicated to be effective.

This is why we came up with this fuss-free guide to help you build an affordable yet effective skincare routine! Read on to get your glow on. 

1. Cleanse.

You probably already know this, but it’s incredibly important to cleanse your face properly. The soap you use for your body is not recommended for your body! The ingredients of body soaps tend to be too harsh and may clog your pores.

Look for a cleanser meant for your face. We recommend going for a mild one first toremove first, excess oil, makeup, dead skin cells, and any other impurities you may have built up over the day. 

2. Moisturize.

No matter what kind of climate you’re in, keeping your face moisturized is a must. A hydrated face is a healthy, glowing face! Consistent application of your trusted moisturizer will result in soft, supple, and nourished skin.

Here’s a common misconception: some people think that just because they have an oily face, they don’t need to lather on moisturizer. The truth is actually the opposite! Your skin might be feeling dehydrated and is compensating.

You can use a light, water-based moisturizer in the morning. In the evening, we recommend this skin repair cream by CHOLLEY to help you wake up with bouncy, beautiful skin! It works overnight to restore strength and radiance to damaged skin.

3. Sunscreen.

If you want to keep wrinkles and sunspots at bay, sunscreen is your best friend. It is the ultimate anti-aging product! Sunscreen keeps you looking young by preventing premature wrinkles as well as protecting you from cancerous UV rays.

Some people don’t like using sunscreen because they’ve tried one that is too sticky and sweaty. However, most sunscreens for the face absorb easily and leaves no white marks! There are a lot of comfortable sunscreen options, so look for one that fits your skin type.

4. Exfoliant.

Sure, using a cleanser every day gets rid of dirt, but it isn’t always enough. There are some deep-seated dirt and particles that are too stubborn for your usual cleanser. To get your skin really, truly clean, you will need to exfoliate.

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells by itself, but it’s exfoliation that encourages and helps it along. If you have any problems with blackheads, whiteheads, or the like, then exfoliation is a must for you. 

Just remember that you’re not supposed to exfoliate every day! The rule of thumb is only to use it once a week, but it may change depending on product instructions and how sensitive your skin may be.

These four steps are significant for those who are just starting with skincare. Use our guide the next time you visit your nearest skincare hub! Our four recommended steps are best for the basics. 

Take note that it may take you a few rounds of trial-and-error before you get the perfect products for your skin. Just remember that your skin is an investment, and your doing this to reap great results!

What’s your favorite skincare product? Let us know in the comments!


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