A Simple Guide on How to Dress Like a Cowboy

how to dress like a cowboy

With over 2700 Western films produced in the United States solely about cowboys, it’s no secret that the cowboy aesthetic is a major part of pop culture. If you’re fond of this look or are simply wanting to spruce up your own style, you may be wondering how to dress like a cowboy. Check out our simple guide to dressing like a cowboy.

How to Dress Like a Cowboy

While you may not be herding cattle on a daily basis, a general cowboy aesthetic can still be a part of your daily life! If you’re wondering how to dress like a cowboy, you should first take a look at the five components that make up their attire.

1. Boots

Whether they’re on the ranch or out on the town, a cowboy is nothing without his boots. There are a variety of styles to choose from with the post popular choice being suede cowboy boots. The right cowboy boot should be comfortable and durable, yet fashionable.

2. Hats

The western clothing industry is worth over $70 billion in the United States alone. The article of clothing that arguably makes up the bulk of these sales is the iconic cowboy hat. Cowboy hats come in all shapes and sizes and work as functional yet fashionable items of clothing.

It’s important for someone who is serious about cowboy culture to have a wide collection of cowboy hats. Some of these hats should also match your cowboy boots. Having a wide collection ensures that you’ll have a dedicated cowboy hat for every look!

3. Belts and Buckles

You may be familiar with the giant belt buckles that many cowboys wear. These buckles are a great way to personalize your outfit to your own unique personality. Belt buckles come in a variety of different sizes and styles and can even be customized with initials or pictures.

Belts are also a great functional accessory for your cowboy attire. Not only will they hold your jeans up but they’ll also coordinate well with your boots and hats. Cowboy belts are usually leather and come dyed in a variety of different colors.

4. Jeans

If you’re wearing a cool cowboy belt, you’ll obviously be wearing pants underneath. Most cowboys wear jeans for their durability and versatility when it comes to working outdoors. Jeans are a staple of cowboy attire and can come dyed in a variety of different shoes of blue and grey. You may even find some cowboys wearing chaps with their jeans as well.

5. Shirts

The classic cowboy shirt whether it be short sleeve or long sleeve is always a button down. You can never go wrong with a classic plaid or checkered style, many of which come in a variety of colors. When picking out the perfect cowboy shirt, don’t be afraid of a pop of color to liven up your outfit!

Living the Cowboy Style

We hope we’ve taught you the basics of how to dress like a cowboy. These are just five of the many things to consider when deciding how to embrace the cowboy style. As always, when looking at trying a new style, it’s important to do your research and to wear whatever feels most comfortable to you!


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