8 ways to make the most of a small dining room

a small dining room

When you have a small dining room, it’s important to maximize the square meterage you have, so let’s look at some ideas to make a small dining room feel instantly larger. You may also want to find ways to incorporate storage, so you can max out your space without everything being in plain sight.

And don’t forget about utilising some visual tricks to make your space look larger. Clear and leggy furniture both give the appearance of a more open, airy room. And hanging your curtains higher to draw the eye up or hanging a mirror to help bounce the light and visually open up the space are two of our favorite ways to maximize a small space.

  1. Create a flow with a round table

Picking a round or oval table over a square or rectangular one will create more walk-around space and better flow in a small room. Not only do circular tables give the appearance of more space, they can also comfortably accommodate more people in a small or narrow room. When space is an issue, it can be tucked in a corner or against the wall, then pulled to the center of the room when entertaining. 

The Latina range of dining furniture which can be sourced from Lees Furnishers of Distinction in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire is bursting with appeal and offers unique patterned fronts which adds style and elegance to any interior space. The range also incorporates living room furniture with a range of coffee tables and a selection of sideboards to match. The Latina range is finished in a deep Espresso Oak with black metal legs.

  1. Choose an extendable table

With any dining room, you probably won’t need it to serve at its full capacity for every meal time. In a small space, opting for an extendable table means you can use it at its smaller size for day-to-day meals and make it longer when entertaining guests. The Kennedy extending dining table, also from  Lees Furnishers, makes a statement with its metal legs and a rustic natural two-tone finish. 

Complete the look with dining chairs and a bench to also make the most of your available space.

  1. Do benches save space in a dining room?

By opting for a bench instead of chairs, you will get more people around your dining table. Benches save more space than chairs and don’t close off the table from the rest of the room or impede the flow of foot traffic.

A bench will tuck neatly under the table and when not in use they take up much less floor space in your dining room meaning your room will look a lot less cluttered.

  1. Create light and space with a mirror

Hanging a wall mirror is a classic hack for small spaces to help visually open them up because they reflect light, which helps open up a room and make the room look larger. Choose a mirror to complement your space and add a practical and decorative touch to the walls in your dining room .

Mirrors give you the functionality visually opening up your space, but you can also choose a mirror with a frame or style that complements the rest of your space. 

  1. Choose multifunctional furniture – console tables

Console tables are perfect for narrow spaces like entryways and hallways. However, in a small dining room where meterage is really at a premium, they can act as a multifunctional piece. You can top them with lighting or other decorative pieces or use them for serving food next to the dining table.

  1. Consider furniture that reflects light

Choosing furniture which reflects light, with the same principles as a mirror, will help give the appearance of light and space. The Amiri console table, from Lees furnishers, has a classic design crafted from polished stainless steel and clear toughened glass with a beautiful mirror finish base to reflect the light in the dining room.

A glass-top dining table makes a perfect choice for a small dining room. Its transparency allows light to shine through the tabletop—and you can even get away with a slightly larger table if it has a glass top as it feels more open than an opaque, solid table.

However, if a glass-top table isn’t your style, you could choose clear, acrylic dining furniture instead, which has a similar effect to glass.

  1. Draw the eye up with lighting to make the space feel taller

When thinking about ways of lighting a dining room, think about how the light fitting can help alter the proportions of a room. In a small dining room, you can help reduce the feeling of close walls by taking the focus of the room upwards. Avoid lights that direct light downwards and choose an uplighter that will bounce light off the ceiling and diffuse it around the room.

Adding vertical lines will make a space appear taller than it is. So, floor lamps are a great way to add a vertical element to a room and choosing a stick lamp will draw the eye upwards and make a room appear larger. Compact designs have an additional bonus of saving space and creating a compact look.

  1. Use your space creatively

Window seats can be combined with a table for impromptu dining, while benefiting from the light provided by the window position. Also, complement your dining table with a quality sideboard to suit. Sideboards aren’t just stylish; they provide a significant amount of storage space for any household, making the most of your space and helping you to keep on top of clutter in your home.

The dining room is making a comeback

The best conversations happen over a meal, so a small dining room is still an integral part of your home. When the pandemic hit and families were eating in more regularity and making an event of dining, the dining room has been making something of a comeback. Even with a small dining room, with a variety of clever design tricks you can make your room look and feel bigger.



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