8 Important Things To Consider Before Asking For A Divorce

Things To Consider Before Divorce

Life can be a challenge, whether it’s trying to lose weight or earning a decent income. Divorce is a difficult process that many people go through during their lives. It can take an emotional toll not only on the couple but also on any children, relatives, and friends. This article lists 8 things you should consider before asking for a divorce so that you make the right long-term choice both for yourself and all those involved.

1. Talk To A Divorce Lawyer

You may never have been down this path before, so you’ll need to get advice from people who are more experienced and qualified than you. If you decide to proceed it’s essential to talk to a divorce lawyer about your next steps, from the division of assets to child custody and support Huntsville Divorce Lawyer.

Also, ask how long it will take (this could depend on whether you have mutual children). There may also be other related matters such as prenuptial agreements or inheritances that you will need to discuss.

An Australian survey found that the highest proportion of divorcing couples had been married for nine years or less, and in 2016 the rate was highest for those aged between 28 and 29. You can find divorce lawyers in Sydney by going online, and they can help explain the costs involved. Attorneys can also clarify how you apply for a divorce and how long you would need to keep the papers.   

2. Do You Need To Give It More Time?

It may be that you haven’t been married for long. In this case, it may be a better idea to give your marriage more time before making such an important decision. It’s always better to do things out of love than anger, so try working together with your partner on fixing the problem before deciding it’s over. You need to both clarify what you want from the marriage and to make compromises where necessary. 

It may be good for you and your partner to try living temporarily apart whilst still maintaining a cordial relationship. This could give you the opportunity to experience life as a single person again. You’d also have time for reflection before making any decisions about getting divorced or staying together.

3.Consider Outside Help

There is no shame in receiving marriage counseling because it could empower you both, and give your marriage a chance to flourish. You could gain new perspectives in a controlled environment by using a professional mediator. 

In time you may wish to give your marriage a second chance and if not you will know that you both at least tried.

4. Would Single Life Be Better?

Some people give up too easily or think the grass is always greener on the other side. No marriage is perfect, no matter how it may appear from the outside. It’s important to consider what life would be like if you were divorced.

Single people are often seen as more fun and interesting than married people, but many are lonely and would prefer to be in a relationship. You may end up having to live on your own or sharing a home with someone else for financial reasons. Your social circle could change drastically if you get divorced, and many of your friends may be couples or families.

5. How Would It Affect Your Children?

If you have mutual children, what you decide will affect them and change their lives forever.  If they’re older when this happens, there could be a sense of relief because at least now they can choose who they live with and where. This could work as long as both parents were agreed.

Younger kids might feel like one parent is replacing the other or not want to keep moving from house to house on a regular basis. If a divorced parent criticized their ex-spouse in front of their child, the child could feel guilty about the divorce or blame themselves. Alternatively, they could become resentful of one or both of their parents because of what has been said.

6. Custody, Access And Child Support

Some important questions are: Would you want custody to be shared? How about access to the kids when you’re not together? What would happen with custody if one parent moves away or gets remarried in another country? How often would you like to see your children (i.e., how many days per week)? These can be heart-breaking decisions that can cause a lot of emotion during the negotiation process.

Child support is also an important issue to resolve. It is based on the income of both parents and what they have agreed for custody, access and living arrangements. This can put extra pressure on the finances of both parents, so it is essential to get this settled before the divorce. This is a key area where a divorce lawyer’s help can prove invaluable.

7. Think About Finance

The divorce process is not a quick and easy one. You may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees before it is finalized. Legal expenses can quickly mount up, making it an important consideration when determining whether divorce is the best option.

Divorce settlements often involve asset splitting, and houses may be transferred to one person only or be sold. You’d also need to think about how the divorce would affect your financial security, insurance coverage, taxes, retirement accounts etc. You may need to request a bank loan or file for bankruptcy. It’s therefore wise to talk to an accountant before making any definite decisions.

8. Possible Re-marriage

It’s also worth considering what would happen if you or your spouse remarried. Consider how your children would react to having a step-parent or possibly moving away. They may also need to live with step-brothers or step-sisters.

We have now discussed some of the major things you need to think about before applying for a divorce. Be sure to give it time and to obtain outside help and advice. If you make the best decision your life will ultimately regain control so you can move forward and be happy once again.


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