8 Exercises You Can Do When Travelling

Exercises You Can Do

Getting started on your fitness goal with hard work is an admirable trait to have. If you have achieved a certain fitness level or are working towards it, there is no need to let go of your workout when travelling. You do not have to stop and interrupt your workout. You have packed your bags, got the whole itinerary prepared to enjoy yourself to the fullest, and achieved the means to delay your periods; the final thing left to do is take this list of exercises you can do so that you can continue to workout in the comfort of your hotel room. 

The necessity of workout during your travels

When traveling, people that love working out dream of going to a beach to run or swim. They want to climb those peaks, meditate or do yoga on a green hill facing a sunrise. They even want to go kayaking in the turbulent streams and rivers. All these activities are incredibly physically demanding and more than compensate for your lack of workout.

But not all vacations allow you the opportunity to stretch your muscles and let your heart race. In fact, a majority of holiday travels consist of traveling to a resort or an urban area where all the luxuries are available at your fingertips, and you do not have to do a single straining thing. In such travels, click pharmacy healthcare experts believe it is vital you carry on with your workout schedule in your hotel room.

The exercises you can do in your hotel room

Despite not having proper time, equipment or bodyweights, you can still do plenty of exercises in your hotel room. You need nothing more than knowledge of appropriate exercises and simple resistance bands. Below is a list of 4 exercises for your upper body and 4 more for your lower body. Do these 8 exercises, and you will feel like you never missed a day of your workout during your travels. 

4 Upper Body Exercises

The upper body exercises given below are meant to strengthen your arms, core shoulders, and back. Simply do 10 raps of each exercise and repeat them for 3 sets. Try using resistance bands to challenge yourself better.

  1. Plank shoulder taps

  • Get down in the push-ups position or the high plank position
  • Keep your feet and knees apart
  • Make sure your body is erect in a straight line
  • Lift a hand up and slowly touch its opposite shoulder
  • Place your hand slowly back and repeat the process with your other hand
  • Keep your body straight when doing raps
  1. Tricep dips

  • Sit on the edge of a chair or a bench
  • Firmly grip the edge near your hips
  • Extend your legs, keep your feet apart and let your heels touch the ground
  • Put pressure on your palms to lift your body and slide forward a bit
  • Lower your body until your elbows are exactly bent
  • Push back to the starting position
  • Repeat until reps are complete
  1. Push-ups

You can also do this popular exercise with resistance bands to make things more challenging.

  • Place your hands on the ground high plank position
  • Slowly bend your elbows while lowering the torso
  • Rise back to the plank position
  • Continue to repeat until reps are complete
  1. Bilateral arm raises

When there are no weights nearby, you can do this exercise with CLX resistance bands to make things more challenging.

  • Place one foot forward in the band’s center
  • Place both your hands in the end loops with a closed grip and your thumbs pointed upwards
  • Slowly raise both your arms to the shoulder level
  • Bring the arms down and repeat the process until reps are complete
  • Do not shrug your shoulders or slouch your back

4 Lower Body Exercises

The lower body exercises given below help strengthen your legs, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs, and quadriceps. Make sure to do 30 seconds of intense workout on either side. Repeat your sets 3 times. You may use a resistance band to increase the challenge or improve your flexibility

1. Lunges

  • Stand tall while keeping your feet apart
  • Engage your core and take a big step forward
  • Keep the back erect straight and lower the body to ensure your thigh becomes parallel to the ground
  • Press into your heel and push the body back to the starting position
  • Repeat the process for 30 seconds and then switch over to the other leg

2. Front squats

  • Place a foot at each end of the CLX band loop
  • Place your arms through the center loops 
  • Fold the arms and raise them to shoulder height
  • Keep your feet apart
  • Maintain the arms position as you slowly squat until the thighs become parallel to the ground
  • Slowly return to the standing position without leaning forward
  • Repeat the exercise until reps are complete

3. Leg extensions

  • Place a foot each in your desired CLX resistance band loop with a seal in-between
  • Keep your feet apart and push your weight on one leg while keeping it fully straight
  • Slowly raise the other leg and kick backward
  • Continue to kick in the same position without allowing your foot to touch the ground
  • Repeat for 30 seconds and then shift over to the other leg

4. Romanian deadlift

  • Stand on a leg while bending the knee slightly
  • Keeping your arms at your side, lift the other leg straight behind you while keeping your core and body engaged
  • Move the body in a straight line, and the shoulders down until your torso is parallel to the ground
  • Bring both arms up in an airplane position
  • Slowly stand up and return to the original position
  • Repeat for 30 seconds and then shift over to the other leg

Last word

You need nothing more than a simple resistance band that is also easy to carry and pack. By committing to making working out an essential part of your routine, you have already done the hard work. Now is the time to ensure that you do not lose this excellent habit when traveling. So go and enjoy yourself to the fullest while also remaining fit. Best of luck!


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