8 Best Child’s Gift Ideas for Fall Birthdays

birthday gift ideas

In between summer and winter, autumn birthdays can be hard to plan for. If you’re looking for unique gifts for kids, you’re not alone!

Presents for children are often centered around the season they get received in, but what about those few fall months in between those two more exciting seasons?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for fall birthdays, here’s 8 ideas to help you get started!


As children grow, new boy and girl jackets and clothes for fall are necessary to buy almost every year. Many kids even look forward to getting these new additions to their closet!

If you have a good birthday gift idea about what style your child likes, get them a jacket! It’s useful and necessary for the change in weather.

Scarves and Accessories

Scarves, Twins gloves, or boots are all perfect ways to celebrate the season and your child’s big day! All kids will need to keep warm during cooling months, so you can’t go wrong with cold-weather accessories in their favorite color or print.

Seasonal Toys

Many of your child’s favorite toys come in seasonal variations! If you’re looking for something festive but also age-appropriate, season-themed games or toys are great options. They also won’t be difficult to find because they’ll be on display and most likely only available during that season!


As the days get colder, consider getting your child a fun blanket! Whether it has his or her favorite cartoon character or animal, you can be sure they’ll get used at some point during the chillier months!

Homemade Gifts

If you have a fall birthday budget, think about making something at home! You may even already have the supplies handy.

As an ode to the season for giving thanks, you can show the child in your life how thankful you are for them by making them something homemade.

You could do something simple like bake cookies or as elaborate as building them a treehouse! The possibilities are endless when you hand-make a birthday gift idea!


As the weather cools off and kids want to spend what time they can outside, this is a great time to purchase a bike! It will be much more enjoyable for parents and your children if the weather is fair. As the weather cools off and kids want to spend what time they can outside, this is a great time to purchase a mini bmx bike! It will be much more enjoyable for your children. Learning to ride a bike is one of those key skills, like swimming, that can help kids to gain confidence and broaden their horizons.


In the fall, days grow shorter and children spend more time inside in the evenings. To make sure they have something other than the TV to keep them occupied, gift a child a book! Books make wonderful birthday gift idea because they last a long time and can help improve a child’s reading skills.

Prices for gifts can get pretty steep, if you’re looking for a low-cost option, this may be the choice for you

Fall Basket

With fall comes new activities you and your family can take part in. You may want to go apple picking at an orchard or trick-or-treating on Halloween! To do this, you can get your child a special fall-themed bag or basket for all their fun fall activities!

Fall Birthdays are Fun!

Even though it can be tough to plan around fall birthdays, don’t let this lessen the fun! No matter which presents you choose, make sure you show the child how special they are!

Remember, the present is only as special as the person gifting it to them!


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