7 Tips To Care For Your Skin During WFH: By Dermatologists

Skin During WFH

The Coronavirus Pandemic resulted in millions of workers/employees shifting to a ‘Work From Home’ schedule. Even at a time when the pandemic is in its endemic stage, there are many businesses that are continuing to allow their employees to work remotely.  While a lot has been said about the health and diet aspects of remote working, understanding its impact on our Skin During WFH has not been discussed at length. When we used to go to the office on a regular basis, we had a set skin care plan and routine in place. 

WFH has put an end to all those routines. It has made us careless in terms of our maintaining our skin care, following a healthy regimen, sticking to a nutritious diet, and so on. In this article, we are going to look at seven tips to care for your skin while working from home. 

Why does taking care of your skin during WFH becomes difficult?

When companies shifted to a remote working model everyone was ecstatic. You get up a bit later, enjoy your coffee a little longer, save time on commuting, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

However, the excitement soon gave way to stress, anxiety, and hard-working schedules. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of family members (kids), holding Zoom meetings, eating on time, etc.  became practically impossible. 

The healthy work-life balance that all of us were looking for went for a toss. In such a situation, the last thing that we could do was focus on our skin. 

Yes, we were happy that we did not have to put on as much make-up, or brace pollution, dust, and the harsh UV rays of the sun. However, there is no doubt that WFH knocked the wind out of our skin care routines. 

If you have been someone that has experienced this ever since you started working remotely, then you should pay attention to the list of seven skin care tips that we will be discussing in the next section. 

List of 7 Tips to Care for Your Skin During WFH

  1. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible- 

One of the major fallouts of WFH was the fact that we were no longer paying attention to the amount of water we would intake in a single day. When we went to the office, we knew we had to finish our one-liter bottle two to three times. This is why leading dermatologists recommend that you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. This helps flush the toxins from the body. 

  1. Have a regular cleansing and exfoliating routine- 

Never ever forget to cleanse your face. No matter how hard you are struggling to juggle your personal life and work responsibilities, make sure that you are cleansing your face with the best skincare products in Dubai. This removes dirt, bacteria, and keeps pores clean. You should exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells and keep your face bright, fresh, and healthy. 

  1. Sunscreen needs to be used even when you are indoors- 

Indirect rays of the sun can end up doing just as much harm as direct rays. This means that even when you are not stepping outside your house, you should be applying sunscreen at all times. Sunscreen can also play an important role in protecting your skin from the blue light which is emitted by electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

  1. Indulge in natural face packs while working- 

If we are at home, we can try on a host of natural fruit and vegetable-based face packs to give our skin the much-needed nutrition it deserves. You can use banana, tomato, lemon, aloe vera, rose water, and other home-based ingredients that can help you with smooth, glowing, and supple skin. Make sure to do your research on which ingredients will suit your skin type. 

  1. Work on eating a healthy and nutritious diet while remote working- 

What we eat definitely has an important role to play in how we look. This is why avoid eating junk and fast food while remote working. Make sure that you are eating a lot of leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean proteins during WFH. According to dermatologists, cutting out sugar from your diet is something that you should seriously consider for healthy skin. 

  1. Engage in regular workouts and exercises every single day- 

When you exercise, the heart starts to pump more blood to different parts of the body, including the skin. Since skin is the largest organ of the human body, it benefits incredibly from working out. Running, or doing cardio helps in releasing stress levels and protects the health of the skin. If you are stressed, anxious, or depressed, it starts showing on your facial skin

  1. Try to get six to seven hours of regular and uninterrupted sleep-

Sleeping is your body’s natural repair mechanism that protects against any wear and tears that you experience throughout the day. If you get enough and sufficient sleep, you will see that your face is livelier, healthier, and free from acne, breakouts, dullness, and pigmentation marks. Put into place healthy routines that encourage you to go to bed at a defined time period. 

The Final Takeaway

By following all the points mentioned in the article, you will be able to get the best results for your skin while working from home. If you feel we have left out some points that could have been added, please feel free to add them in the comments section below. 


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