7 Things You Should Know About Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go

Mobile games have existed since the 2000s. Statistics say the gaming revenue generated by mobile devices exceeded 50%. Mobile games are popular because they are cheaper to develop, take a shorter time to execute, and have a higher likelihood of being adopted. This year, there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, 2.4 billion of which play mobile games. 

For sure, you have mobile games on your phone. The popular mobile games are Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many more. As of today, Pokemon Go is one of the favorites among mobile gamers. Do you want to know why? Keep reading to know more about Pokemon Go, community day, the best bug type pokemon, and many more.

1. Pokemon Go overview

Niantic published and developed Pokémon Go, a mobile augmented reality game available since 2016. It is also a collaboration between Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. You can also play the game whether you are using iOS or Android. More than 147 million monthly active users were playing the game by May 2018, and over a billion downloads by early 2019. The game has generated over $6 billion in revenue by 2020. Pokemon Go was among the most popular and profitable mobile games in 2016, with over 500 million downloads globally towards the end of the year.

2. Bug Type Pokemons

Pokémon with bug-like characteristics tend to evolve quickly since they created these types of pokemon to real-life bugs. As a result, they are frequently extremely vulnerable. Examples of Bug type pokemons are Caterpie, Beedrill, Venomoth, and Dustox. Most Pokémon with bug-type abilities slow the enemy down or cause status afflictions such as confusion, paralysis, and sleep. It was almost useless to use bug type pokemons in Generation I because the few Bug types available were very weak. But later on, they upgraded the moves and advantages of bug type pokemons.

3. Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day occurs every month, usually every weekend. Community Days is an event in which a specific Pokémon is more likely to appear than others. During the three-hour time frame in Community Day, a Pokemon will appear with drastically increased frequency. You can encounter and capture as many pokemons as you can! In addition, different resource bonuses occur, such as decreased distance to eggs or increased XP. It’s a great idea to spend Pokemon Go Community Day walking around your local parks and towns with other Pokemon Go players.

4. Poké Coins

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game that you can download from the Google store and Play store. You can also use Poké Coins as an alternative currency. These Poké Coins are extremely rare items. If you have Poké coins, you can purchase Poké balls. Players can also buy other items with Poké Coins. So how do you earn Poké Coins? Try leaving your Pokemon in the gym and it will earn you a coin for every 10 minutes it spends at the gym.

5. Pokemon Go Trading

Since the game’s conception, players have wished for the option to trade Pokémons. Niantic heard the fans’ wishes and updated the app with Pokémon Go Trading. There are some serious benefits to trading in Pokemon Go. It is one of the key features these days. However, there is a catch: you must first achieve specific conditions before you can begin trading Pokemon with other players. 

The criterias are: the player should be in level 10 or above, the person you are trading with should be your friend on Pokemon Go, and the both of you should be 100 meters in real life. Simply select what you want to trade in and choose the Pokémon you want to trade. Your friend will do the same steps. Every transaction you make will cost you Stardust. The actual amount of Stardust depends on a variety of circumstances.

6. Team GO Rocket

If you know Jessie and James, then you know Team Rocket, the most popular villains of the Pokemon series. Based on the iconic duo, Team GO Rocket is a group of criminals that aims to take over all PokéStops throughout the world in Pokémon GO. They are made up of different grunts, leaders, and Giovanni. Trainers or players with a level of 8 or higher can visit PokéStops taken over by the Team GO Rocket. 

Team GO Rocket Invasion allows players to challenge an NPC trainer to save a Shadow Pokémon and gain a prize. Because the battles usually include three distinct Pokémon that are the same, make sure you have a variety of battle teams with diverse types to prevent this.

7. Raid Battle

A Raid Battle is a cooperative gaming experience that pushes Players to collaborate with other players to fight the Raid Bosses, which are incredibly powerful Pokémon. They made this feature so that players might play jointly against challenging bosses and collaborate for a change. When a Boss Pokémon takes control of a Gym, Raid Battles happen. Every month, the raid bosses change.

Trainers merely must be at the right gym 45 minutes after the Egg hatches to take part in the Pokemon Go Raid. They will see the Eggs arrive at specific Pokemon Gyms in the Pokemon Go overworld on a regular basis. If you and your teammates are successful in defeating the Pokémon boss, they will award you with unique materials and a chance to catch that Pokémon. The Raids feature four difficulty levels, with the greater the difficulty level, the tougher the boss.


Pokemon is still popular even though it has been around for 25 years. The franchise grows every year with a new show, a new toy, and a new game. Pokemon continues to give its fans new materials almost every year. Let this article help you dive into the world of Pokemon GO. We are sure that you will gain a lot of knowledge about this game. Visit CelleularNews.com and don’t miss out on more Pokemon GO news!


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