7 Reasons Why You Should Follow Reese Witherspoon Instagram

Reese Witherspoon Instagram

If you’re into literature, travel, fashion or the way the South does life, then Reese Witherspoon Instagram feed is your new favorite page to follow.

Reese Witherspoon may be known for her acting chops, but she’s just as skilled at posting the most entertaining Instagram stories of all time. Reese has over 16 million followers on Instagram. She regularly shares her latest projects and current obsessions. But no matter the subject, there is almost always one thing in common across all of Reese’s posts: They are entirely on-brand. Not only is Reese’s IG account one big advertisement for her movies, clothing line Draper James, or fitness videos, it’s also a reflection of her fun personality.

Reese Witherspoon Instagram

1. She Loves Books

Reese Witherspoon Instagram is a joy to explore. She’s as much of a book-lover as we are. And we’re totally here for it! She takes filming breaks for a mini and recommends her favorite books to Oprah. Check out Reese’s Instagram feed from top to bottom if you need some inspiration. A-list film star Reese Witherspoon is a beloved for her roles in movies like Wild and A Wrinkle in Time. She shares her favorite book recommendations and interviews the authors of some of her favorite books. Witherspoon is also a producer, including roles in the production of Gone Girl.

Unlike many other celebrities today, Reese Witherspoon Instagram account is not some watered-down version of what she’s really like. Instead, it’s a place where she speaks candidly about the books she’s reading. She allows fans to see who she is without any air. And at that, she’s probably been one of the most successful celebrity book-recommenders. Thousands of fans swoon over her words, regarding her as O-level in terms of book recommendations.

2. Her Mini-Version is Adorable

Her kids are basically clones of her. But if you’ve found yourself somewhat confused as to which celebrity family member is which on Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram feed, you’re not alone. We understand that retaining familial resemblance is a family affair (even among celeb families). But it’s hard to tell the children apart when they look just like their famous parents. That said, there are several photos of her children: Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, Deacon Reese Phillippe and Tennessee James Toth that had us doing serious double-takes. And from then on, we couldn’t stop noticing the family symmetry.

The 42-year-old actress’ page is an entertainment outlet and family photo archive all in one place! Reese keeps her fans up-to-date on life at home with family and friends, from her casual selfies to her supportive messages.

3. You’ll Love Her French Dog #DogGoals

When Reese Witherspoon isn’t busy producing and starring in TV shows, she’s at home with her family and their pets. The Legally Blond actress has two dogs, a chocolate Labrador named Hank and a German Shepherd named Nash, who make frequent appearances on her Instagram. A recent addition to the Witherspoon clan: a blue-gray bulldog named Pepper. He joined the family in 2016 and has become a regular on Witherspoon’s Instagram page. (Valium) Like any proud dog mom, Witherspoon shared many photos of Pepper as a puppy, showing off his chubby cheeks and floppy ears. Though he’s grown up a bit since then, he still loves to pose for the camera. Witherspoon often includes her pups in her family outings.

Reese Witherspoon Instagram

4. She Is a Big foodie

Like many other people, actor Reese Witherspoon enjoys cooking and taking photos in the kitchen. She has a cookbook out, Whiskey in a Teacup, unlike most other people. It includes her favorite recipes and her style of cooking. But Witherspoon has also been known to share failed recipes with her fans, like when the baked brie turned out less than perfect. Witherspoon’s social media presence is engaging and approachable and clarifies that she is no stranger to culinary disasters.

5. Reese Is Every Bit Nostalgic

Witherspoon’s Instagram account functions as a time capsule of her life, showing off everything from selfies to behind-the-scenes moments from her films. She often posts funny graphics of her iconic roles with fun text. The actress posts throwback photos on social media of her old movies, such as Freeway and American Psycho, along with childhood photos from her time spent growing up in New Orleans and Tennessee. The celebrity herself turns some of these moments into funny memes for sharing on social media.

6. You Will Get Amazing Beauty Recommendations

A Southern woman always looks put-together—even when she’s not trying. That’s probably why we’re drawn to Reese Witherspoon for beauty inspiration: She works some sort of magic in her look that anyone can achieve. Her responses were spot-on (and quite amusing, too). And, thanks to her Instagram, we know all the products you should and shouldn’t be using to achieve your best skin ever. You can always count on Reese to wear a bright lip color or a poppy dress, but she’s also the queen of minimalism when it comes to her skincare routine.

7. Reese Witherspoon Instagram has BTS from her Travel.

When she isn’t acting or promoting her projects, the Big Little Lies star enjoys traveling and posting about her adventures on Instagram. Whether she’s snorkeling in an exotic location, enjoying a delicious meal, or hanging out with one of her famous friends, Witherspoon is clearly living her best life. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for your next vacation, look no further than Witherspoon’s feed. Though she rarely shares the exact locations of her trips, her voyages are still fun to live vicariously through.

The Final Word

Reese Witherspoon is someone we can all relate to in a fashion world dominated by models and social media stars. And she proves it to us time and time again, whether it’s her Instagram account showing us what’s on her kitchen counter (and the delicious-looking food in it) or the shots she takes of the teapots she collects during travels around the world. Or even pictures of her in a swimsuit with her 13-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe, wearing matching ensembles as they walk on the beach. Yes, she is our girl next door, and Reese Witherspoon Instagram proves that.


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