Safety in a Changing World: 7 Everyday Activities That Come with New Risks

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Most Americans have never been big fans of grocery shopping, and can you blame them? They take more than 80 trips to the supermarket every year on average, which is why most of them don’t enjoy it.

And in this changing world that we live in, grocery shopping has gotten even more challenging—and annoying!—for people to do. Those who enter a grocery store now have to do it while wearing a mask thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. They could be exposed to potential health risks if they don’t have a mask on.

This isn’t the only everyday activity that now comes with increased risks, either. There are also lots of other activities that used to be very routine that now come with safety risks included.

Here are seven everyday activities that could compromise your health and safety if you’re not careful while taking part in them.

1. Driving in a Car

There has always been at least a little bit of risk associated with driving in a car. Car accidents take place all across the country every day, and unfortunately, many of them cause people to get injured or even killed.

But these days, driving in a car has become riskier and riskier because of distracted driving. There are almost 3,000 people killed per year by drivers who are distracted by something else when they should have their eyes on the road.

The good news is that you could argue that cars are safer than they’ve ever been. But even still, they’re not always safe enough to stop distracted driving-related deaths.

2. Flying on an Airplane

If you’ve been to an airport sometime over the course of the last few years, then you know how much security there is inside of one. It doesn’t seem as though you should have anything to worry about when flying.

But throughout 2020, there has been a lot of fear surrounding the idea of flying because of COVID-19. This is at least partly because people are worried about catching the coronavirus while flying.

And their fears aren’t without merit. Some experts have suggested that more than 11,000 Americans may have been exposed to COVID-19 while flying thus far. That might make you think twice about taking a flight in our changing world.

3. Going to the Gym

About 80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise on a regular basis. With this in mind, you might think that it’s not going to the gym as opposed to going to the gym that should be seen as risky behavior.

But just like with grocery shopping and flying on an airplane, many people no longer feel comfortable going to the gym in 2020. They’re concerned about being infected with the coronavirus and/or other deadly diseases while breathing and sweating in such close proximity to other people.

As a result, some people have stopped going to the gym altogether and aren’t sure when they’re going to go back. And this could have long-term ramifications if it leads to even more people refusing to work out as often as they should.

4. Attending School

Believe it or not, even something as simple as kids going to school isn’t anywhere near as safe as it used to be. Even before the coronavirus came along and shut down schools throughout the country, school shootings were on the rise and putting fear into the hearts of kids and parents alike everywhere.

There have been hundreds of school shootings over the last decade, and that number appears to be trending in the wrong direction. It has forced many school districts to rethink their stance on security.

It has also encouraged some parents to teach their kids about gun safety. This article breaks this down and speaks to the potential benefits that might come along with talking to your kids about guns more.

5. Showing Up for Work

Schools aren’t the only places where shootings seem to be on the rise. There are also a lot of workplace shootings taking place in this day and age, including many at factories and office buildings.

Many people believe that these shootings are directly connected to the mental health issues that many people in this country suffer from. And if that’s true, it could result in a spike in these types of shootings in the years to come since mental health has turned into a big problem in and of itself in many pockets of the country.

6. Hanging Out at a Bar

The thought of kicking back at a bar at the end of a long week and blowing off some steam used to get people excited. But nowadays, even something like that doesn’t sound safe in our changing world.

When you’re at a bar in 2020, you could be exposed to the coronavirus. You could also be exposed to violence. It’s why many people are now choosing to have a drink (or two!) at the end of a long week at home rather than at a bar.

7. Eating a Meal

After seeing all the everyday risks that exist in our changing world, you might think that your safest bet is to just stay home and never go outside. But guess what? Even that could be bad for you if you aren’t eating right while you do it.

You could argue that the average American’s diet is more unhealthy than it’s ever been before. There are all kinds of junk foods that people shovel into their mouths that could kill them ahead of schedule one day.

It’s just one more way in which our changing world is taking its toll on people every day.

The Changing World That We Live In Is Getting More Dangerous Each Day

You shouldn’t lock yourself in your bedroom and refuse to come out because of all the safety risks that we just mentioned. That’s no way to live your life.

But you should educate yourself when it comes to the risks that exist in our changing world and do what you can to minimize the effect that they have on you. This will help to keep you safe while still allowing you to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

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