7 Essential Accessories for Bathroom

Essential Accessories for Bathroom
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The bathroom is where we start and end our day, but also that place where we spend a lot of time doing all sorts of things. To make our days more comfortable, here are seven essential accessories from Victoria Plum for a bathroom to turn the most mundane tasks into something delightful:

  1. Incandescent lighting: The bathroom is where we take our first step into the day and the last one before starting to dream, so it should be well illuminated by natural lighting or very bright artificial lights to make us feel comfortable at all times.

To achieve this objective and save a few bucks in energy costs, it is advisable to opt for incandescent lamps, which consume up to 70% less energy than fluorescent lamps. These lights elevate the overall appearance of your bathroom and make it a pleasant place to give your day a quick start.

2. Towel rail: A bathroom without a towel rail is not complete. For those who love modern design, the best solution is to position the towel rail on the wall and install bars of stainless steel, nickel steel, or another metal that matches with the rest of the fixtures.

Available in varied styles, accessorizing your bathroom with a reliable towel rail raises your comfort levels along with impressive bathroom d├ęcor.

  1. Shower hose: This accessory is essential for those who do not have a shower enclosure and want to take a shower without getting their bathroom flooded, just as anyone else. The best solution is by placing it on a wall, between two buttons, to avoid leaks.
  2. Bathroom furniture: The ideal solution is a corner cabinet with doors or drawers, where to store everything we need in the bathroom and which also serves as a support for the shower hose. In this way, it will keep us organized and prevent easy access to household cleaning products by children and pets.

In addition, it is advisable to have a sink cabinet with two doors or drawers, in which it can store all the things that need disinfection and provide extra space for placing accessories.

  1. Mirror: If we love home decorating magazines, we know well that there are different mirrors to choose from. The best option is a mirror framed by wood, metal, or another material that matches the rest of the bathroom furniture.
  2. Soap dispenser: The advantage of using a soap dispenser instead of keeping the liquid soap in the bottle is that it prevents spills, and you can always have your preferred brand within reach without being messy or gritty.
  3. Storage boxes: The best solution is to use storage boxes with lids placed on walls, where we can store all the things that we do not need at the moment, such as towels and crockery. These accessories are specially designed for small rooms and can be found in different sizes to fit our requirements better.



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