7 Common Hair Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

hair styling mistakes

When you look in the mirror at your hair, are you happy with what you see? If you’re like many people, you might not be.

Studies show that around 68% of women are unhappy with the way their hair looks. At the same time, 80% of women admit that their hair impacts how they see themselves.

While beautiful and flowing hair might seem like something reserved for Hollywood celebrities, the truth is that it’s not that hard to get. For many people, all they need to do is stop making a few critical hair styling mistakes.

Wondering what those are?

Read on to learn about seven hair styling mistakes that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

1. Putting Off Haircuts

If you’re on the hunt for long, flowing hair, it might be tempting to put off getting a haircut for as long as possible. After all, the secret to long hair is not cutting it, right?

Not exactly.

People with unique and different hair styles can all benefit from getting it cut every four to eight weeks. If you wait longer than that, you’ll start to have difficulty styling it and getting it to do what you want.

Even if it’s just a trim to get rid of the dead ends, make a point to get a haircut every several weeks.

2. Trying to Style Too Much Hair at Once

When you’re at the hair salon, you might notice that the stylist separates your hair each time they cut or style it. This is something that you should start doing as well.

Hair clips make it easy for you to pay attention to specific areas of your hair. You’ll notice that when you take the time to separate it, you’ll have an easier time doing everything from drying to curling it.

If you don’t feel like separating all the hair on your head, pay more attention to the hair at the front. It’s what people see when they look at you!

3. Ignoring Your Roots

When we’re drying or styling our hair, most of us tend to pay the most attention to the tips. While doing so is important, don’t forget to show some love to the roots, as well.

Focusing your attention on the roots is the secret to having hair that’s voluptuous and bouncy. Pull your hair up when you’re drying it to give it that extra oomph later on.

Paying more attention to your roots also ensures that your ends stay strong. Remember that our ends start to look damaged and frayed faster than other parts of our hair.

4. Using the Hottest Temperatures

When we’re in a hurry, most people switch their blow dryer on the hottest setting to dry their hair as quickly as possible. While using extreme levels of heat might be time-efficient, it’s not good for your hair.

Too much heat on your head transforms even the most beautiful hair into a sea of dry and damaged strands. Excessive levels of heat can come from everything from a blow dryer to a curling iron.

Make a point to use cooler temperatures when using tools for your hair. You can also look into using sprays that protect your hair, protecting it from heat and the damage that goes along with it.

5. Using Too Much Product

Has your hair started to look greasy or moist? Does it have a shine to it, but not the shine that you want? If so, you might be using too much product.

Using excessive amounts of gel, mousse, or pomade is a great way to make your hair look flat and greasy. Regardless of how long your hair is, you shouldn’t have to use more than a coin-sized amount of product to tame it.

If you catch yourself using more product than you need, reel it in and control yourself. It’s not necessary, and you’re affecting the way your hair looks.

You also want to make sure that you’re using the right hair styling products. Interested in a styling compound that won’t disappoint? Check it out!

6. Trying to Style Dry Hair

Sometimes when we have a sudden change of plans, we realize that we need to style our hair after it’s already dry. Have you ever noticed that products don’t hold as well in these sorts of situations?

That’s because dry hair isn’t receptive to products like mousse or pomade. Waiting for it to dry or styling it after it’s no longer wet is a great way to end up with greasy hair that doesn’t hold.

Make a point to style your hair when it’s wet or just starting to dry. You’ll end up happier with the result!

7. Not Giving Your Hair Time to Set

If you’re in a hurry to get out the door, styling your hair might be the last thing you do before taking off. If possible, see if you can rearrange your schedule to give your hair some time to set.

Whether you curl it or apply a product to it, your hair needs a few minutes before it’s looking its best. Give yourself ten minutes before you start touching it, brushing it, or furiously styling it in the rearview mirror. (kidsviponline.com)

Avoid These Hair Styling Mistakes

No matter what sort of “do” you rock, odds are you want a healthier, better-looking head of hair. Luckily, that’s not as hard to get as you might think.

Use this guide and the tips mentioned to get the hair of your dreams. By avoiding these hair styling mistakes, you’ll end up with luscious locks that are the envy of everyone around you.

Are you looking for more hair care practices and tips? If you are, make sure to check out the rest of our site.


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