6 of the Best Gifts for Whisky Lovers

Whisky Lovers

It is one thing to get the ultimate drinking accessories for one’s house, and it’s an entirely different scenario when looking for gift ideas for whisky lovers. Few spirits have such a devoted following as whisky, and you almost certainly know at least one whisky lovers and  connoisseur.

They know what they enjoy and, more importantly, what they dislike, making it challenging to discover the most incredible whisky presents for them. What is essential is finding the ideal whisky gift sets for whisky lovers and enthusiasts. 

There’s something for every barrel-aged fan, from tools to tweak their favourite drink to explorations of decades of whisky history.

The Whisky Club Subscription

While you could theoretically visit any liquor shop and purchase a couple of different bottles for the whisky enthusiast in your life, a subscription service is a little more entertaining.

The Whisky Club, the largest whisky subscription business in Australia, offers one-, three-, and six-month membership choices. The whisky enthusiast in your life will have total access to unique single malts and some of the world’s largest whiskies that are not sold in stores.

You may remain for as few or as many bottles as you’d like, and membership is free. They offer a thorough education on each dram, with enough information about the distillery and the expression of each delivery, making this the perfect present for the whisky enthusiast.

Bellavoca Globe Liquor Decanter with 2 Etched Whiskey Glasses

Bellavoca is the brand for you if you are searching for something a little unique that is both functional and a fantastic piece to flaunt. This stunning whisky globe decanter set never ceases to amaze. 

The decanter has an airtight seal and can hold up to 850ml of your favoured whisky to keep it fresh and delicious. It is embossed with a world map and hangs on a beautiful wooden stand. The massive globe-shaped decanter comes with two 300ml whisky glasses that fit well on the wooden stand.

This magnificent decanter set is your best choice for lavishing whiskey-loving friends with gifts. Find this set on Amazon for an affordable $101.50.

Personalised Whiskey Barrel

If your best mate takes pleasure in their home-style tavern or bar, this handcrafted barrel is the perfect accent to their décor. You may pick the engraving style and engrave the recipient’s name on a personalised whisky barrel. You are limited to 1000 characters, though.

However, this individually branded tiny barrel is not only for display; it includes a working stopper and tap to age and serves the owner’s favourite spirits. 

Available on Etsy, the costs vary depending on your barrel size, and your choices range from one to ten litres.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Flask Gift Set

Envision yourself and your friends bushwalking in the Outback. You intend to watch the sunset over the spectacular landscapes of Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, and maybe portions of Queensland after the hike.  

You don’t need to miss out on sunset drinks if you have a handy whisky flask. This stainless steel hip flask set from Amazon includes a funnel and four stainless steel shot glasses. This is the ultimate gift for the whisky connoisseur who can add it to their bar décor or bring it on adventures.

Glass Whisky Water Dropper

A serious whisky enthusiast needs a serious water dropper. 

This whisky water dropper, made of transparent glass with a ten-millimetre air hole, enables you to precisely manage the amount of water added to your favourite whisky for a genuinely engaging sensory experience.

This dropper or pipette gently adds the perfect quantity of water, leaving the whisky in your glass diluted to your exact taste. The addition of water will unleash more whisky aromas to tickle the senses.

This is the ideal bar accessory and gift perfect for Scotch, Irish Whisky, Bourbon or Rye.

Crafthouse Glass Smoking Box with Handheld Smoker

Do you want to purchase the whisky enthusiast a gift that will blow their mind? This innovative smoking system is the ideal option! His whisky will taste better than ever once he uses this smoker box, which has been infused with scents such as cedar and thyme. 

The smoking box comes with a handheld smoker and smoking wood chips from Crafthouse. The whisky will be so delicious that he will never want to drink non-smoky whisky again.


Final Thoughts

Whiskey drinkers are, in our opinion, some of the most devoted hobbyists we know. Why not give a whisky enthusiast a gift this year that corresponds with their favourite pastime? Think beyond the box and provide them with a present reflecting their own likes.



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