6 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Women Boost Their Sex Drive

6 Lifestyle Changes

Women get so busy with life, that low libido is not something in their mind or a priority. But should it be? You must take action to boost your sex drive as it will improve your intimate relationships. Also, it can enhance various aspects of your health and the quality of your life. You can opt to take the best libido pills for women or make some changes in the type of lifestyle you lead. Importantly, visit a doctor to ensure that your low libido is not because of an underlying health issue. As you will need to address this first before you try out these 6 lifestyle changes.

  1. Start exercising

One of the contributing factors to low libido in women is stress. When you are anxious or stressed, it kills your libido. To burn off some anxiety and stress that is affecting your sex drive is by exercise. According to research, acute exercise helps with sexual arousal, while chronic exercise enhances sexual satisfaction. This means you feel a boost in sexual energy after your sweaty exercise session, but if you have an exercise routine you follow daily, it will improve your sexual satisfaction with time. (whitejasmine.com)

  1. Consider changing medication 

Did you know the medication you are taking currently could be affecting your sex drive? Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor if your prescribed medication has side effects that will interfere with your libido or ability to orgasm. These side effects are common with people taking anxiety or depression medications. Also, some blood pressure drugs, and heartburn medication, as well as hormonal birth control, can cause these issues. Talk to your doctor about your options if you think your medications are affecting your sex life, to try out something new.

  1. Try mindful meditation 

Exercise will help reduce stress levels. However, if you need a solution that will not only reduce your stress levels but also boost your libido, try out mindfulness meditation. By doing these simple exercises, they will help to ground you in the present and help you focus on how and what you are feeling in the moment. To do this, you spend time lying down or sitting as you listen to your body how it’s feeling and paying attention to how you are breathing. If you find your mind wandering, you refocus. Fortunately, there are videos and apps online that provide guided meditation and you do not have to figure it on your own.

  1. Create time for non-sexual intimacy

Low libido causes you to pull away from your partner. This is a mistake as it will affect your relationship. To improve this, find time to enjoy yourself together with your partner without the prospect of sex. Choose an activity you both enjoy and schedule a time to have it. It can be as simple as watching a movie together or taking a hike. No matter what activity you enjoy, take this time to reconnect. This will help boost your sexual desire as you become free and closer again.

  1. Change your diet 

Is it possible to eat your way to a better sex drive? Since there is an association between sexual function and metabolic syndrome it’s possible. Women with metabolic syndrome have symptoms like high cholesterol levels, excess belly fat, high blood sugars, and high blood pressure. Thus, improving your diet to a healthier one will benefit your libido too. Start with simple changes like cutting your salt intake, eating more whole grains to help prevent blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Turn to counseling or therapy 

6 Lifestyle Changes

Past and present relationships can influence your sex drive a lot. Also, the trauma that you experience in the past and the feelings you have of your appearance or body. Although all women are different. Still, insecurity and emotional stress affect female sexual drive and satisfaction than men. Visiting a therapist or counselor will help you deal with this weight you are carrying around, and you can desire and enjoy sex again. Besides, you can go with your partner to help enhance your sexual relationship or any other issues you are facing.


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