6 Amazing Non-Alcoholic Cocktails You Can Make For Your Next Party

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

You don’t have to take an alcoholic drink for your drinks to be unique. Cocktails such as hand-crafted ones can make your evening after college or after work feel great. Non-alcoholic cocktails can also make a special drink for your party.

However, non-alcoholic cocktail tastes enhance with a bittering agent; bittering agents are so bitter that you cannot take them alone. The bittering agent not only enhances the taste of your non-alcoholic cocktail but also helps in the process of your digestion.

Bittering will not add a noticeable bitterness to your non-alcoholic cocktail drink but will enhance its aromatic flavor.

Examples of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

  1. The Orange Lime Relaxer

Orange and lime are the central ingredients of the orange lime relaxer; you squeeze the orange juice, and the lime tops up. You can serve the drinks with high ball glasses, and the orange lime relaxer is filled with a small slice of orange or lime, depending on your tastes. You can also add a bittering agent to enhance your drink’s flavor further. (pharmacy rx world canada)

2. The Virgin Margarita

The sweetness in these non-alcoholic cocktails is perfectly balanced; agave, sparkling water, and citrus juice are the main ingredients to make the cocktail. One can serve a virgin margarita in a wide-rimmed glass. A wedge of lime can be twisted on the glass rim when done.

3. The Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer found its name in 1960 when an American named Arnold palmer ordered the drink from a club; it is prepared by blending iced tea leaves mixed with lemonade. Arnold Palmer is a refreshing hangover-free drink.

4. The Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary cocktail is a part of the entire non-alcoholic cocktails of bloody Mary-an icon that dates way back to 1920. The cocktail is known to be one of the best hangover removers available. Any other beverage or meal can accompany the drink, and you can also take the cocktail alone. The Virgin Mary cocktail has been so common in baby shower celebrations.

5. The Nojito Cocktail

If you are very cautious of non-alcoholic cocktails but still want to get your drink’s full flavor, then Nojito is the best choice. The ingredients are brown sugar, mint leaves, soda, and lime. The glass is the best to order for your friends if you want to have the natural flavor of a cocktail drink. Nojito non-alcoholic cocktails are of┬áCuban origin. (englishstudypage.com)

6. The Shirley Temple

The non-alcoholic cocktail finds its name from a little princess star. People used to enjoy the drink whenever the star performed at a restaurant in the hills of Beverly. Among all non-alcoholic cocktails, Shirley temple is the sweetest, some people may not love it for its high sugar levels, but when infused with a bittering agent, it is the best. All The Bitter features a variety of bittering agents for your cocktail ingredients.


Whether partying or wanting a feeling of relaxation after work, it is possible with non-alcoholic cocktails, considerably when enhanced with a bittering agent. Unlike alcoholic drinks, these cocktails do not have a harmful health effect and are refreshing with no feeling of hangover.



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