5 working tips to deal with problems in a relationship

problems in a relationship

No relationship is perfect and there are problems in a relationship. It has tears, fun, laughter, and a lot of drama. But if you wake up and make the choice to be with the same person every day, you both will make it to the end of the time.

Being comfortable seeing the same face every day when you wake up, enjoying pizza when both of you are too lazy to cook, cuddling because the other person wants to, and fighting because you want to solve issues and make this work.

However, no matter how much you try, sometimes these issues take the best of us because of some silly disagreements, lack of intimacy, or using the wrong words at the wrong time. The list goes on and on.

At the moment, it seems better to end the relationship completely. But that’s not the better way, that’s the easy way. The better way is to stay and solve the issue.

If you are struggling to find the appropriate ways to do that, here is a complete list to help you out.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Communicate

The best way to get rid of your relationship issues is by just communicating. All couples know this, but only a few practice it. Weak communication is the reason, 65% of couples break up.

As things go downhill, it’s easier to shout and yell just to explain your point of view. But that’s not how communication works. This approach is just going to make things worse for both of you.

Instead, sit down, face to face, and go through the problem step by step. Try to understand each other’s points of view and then communicate your own. You will be surprised how much this one simple act is going to make an impact on your relationship.

  1. Reach an agreement

In any fight, you have to be okay with the fact that compromises are going to happen. You have to change certain habits as well as your partner. That is how the wheel of this relationship is going to move forward. It might be uncomfortable at the start but soon you will be able to look past it.

If you both don’t find a common ground in bed, you might want to seek Melbourne escorts services to add some spice to your sexual life. Of course, you need to make sure both of you have a consensus on it.

  1. Be patient with your partner

You never know what your partner is going through, even after you’ve known them years now. They may be healing from past relationships or a hectic day at work. If you don’t see any change straight away after a fight, look at the small things rather than the bigger picture.

They may be trying but it isn’t visible yet. So, be patient with them, support them, and show love. That is how you “heal” the problem instead of just fixing it.

  1. Focus on your change first

While focusing on your partner’s effort, you should also reflect on yourself. Your partner must have communicated the areas they want you to change. So, rewind those moments and do a self-reflection. You don’t have much influence on your partner’s behaviour but there’s room for you to grow.

If you aren’t happy about some aspect of the relationship, change yourself. It’s going to motivate your partner more to bring a difference in their behaviour as well.

  1. Value your partner

If you think avoiding a fight is going to solve the issue, then you are wrong. It only means you do not give much value to your partner to sort things out.

So, face the problem, and solve it together. Ask them how you can help to solve this. And do not stop valuing your partner. Love, romance, sex may all fade after a certain point in time but respect and values stay forever.

  1. See a therapist

Seeing a relationship therapist is always a great idea to solve your issues. But you both should mutually agree to this. Not many couples like talking to a third person, so forcing them to join is never an answer.

A relationship coach makes you understand your problems as an individual and a couple as well. They have exercises and workshops of their own that rekindle romance and love between partners. For that, you need to trust the process and trust your relationship enough to overcome the hurdle you are facing right now.

Over to you…

Hope these tips help you understand how to solve your problems in a proper way so it doesn’t become an issue in the future and to solve problems in a relationship. Also, it’s never a wrong idea to buy flowers for your partner with a sorry note after a fight. Works like a charm. Similarly, keep trying new ways to express love for each other… This is the happily-ever-after.



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