5 Wedding Décor Trends For 2022

Wedding Décor Trends
Table setting at a luxury wedding and Beautiful flowers on the table.

22Are you planning to get married in 2022? The new year brings so much hope of good health and happiness ever after, especially for engaged couples. However, planning a wedding isn’t a piece of cake. You have to prepare everything, from the invites to your wedding decors.  Complete your wedding plans by choosing the trendiest wedding décor that will make your big day more unforgettable. Check out the top wedding décor trends to watch out for in 2022 below. 

  1. Roses Are A Wedding Staple- wedding décor trends

Roses have always been the most sought flowers for weddings. Regardless of the month you’re planning to get married in 2022, don’t forget to decorate the venue with beautiful roses. Using roses for your wedding bouquet and centerpiece table, are classic, timeless, and elegant. 

Here’s how you can use roses as a trending wedding décor for 2022:

  • Hanging Flower Décor: Along with fairy lights, you can hang a garland of red, pink, and white roses in the venue. If you prefer a Bohemian-style wedding, this decorating tip is a great idea. 
  • Roses As Cake Decoration: Candied rose petals are edible and can make your wedding cake stand out. The cake maker can bake the petals at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making the petals crisp like potato chips and using them to decorate your wedding cake.
  • Rose Favors: Dried roses in elegant bottles are trending wedding decors and favors. You can scout unique, custom-made rose favors that will symbolize your everlasting love and are worth keeping by your guests in display cabinets.

2. Minimalistic Wedding Decors 

If you’re after a minimalistic wedding theme, choose sleek, modern, and minimalistic wedding decors. A minimalistic wedding keeps everything simple from wedding bands, invites, to table decors.

Being minimalistic cuts off the unnecessary items on the scene. This theme makes your wedding more comfortable, lighter, and less hassle. For instance, you can choose a light and simple wedding dress that still look elegant and a pair of comfortable enclosed wedding shoes instead of choosing a heavy and overly decorated wedding gown and six-inch heels.

Make your wedding decors minimalistic with the following tips:

  • Choose easy-to-carry chairs and tables and omit bulky ones. 
  • Keep the tables free from extravagant centerpieces such as candles and big flower arrangements, and stick with simple and space-saving ones. 
  • Choose one to two wedding colors, such as a combination of neutral and bold color (lime green, tangerine orange, canary yellow, or fire-engine red)
Coziness and style. Modern event design. Table setting at wedding reception. Floral compositions with beautiful flowers and greenery, candles, laying and plates on decorated table.

3. Closer To Nature Wedding 

Many wedding themes in 2022 will be more about nature or outdoors than enclosed wedding venues. Hence, garden or beach wedding venues will be popular with chic textures than basic linens. 

Here are some wedding decoration tips for a nature-theme wedding:

  • Choose An Open Area: If you’re not up for a garden, beach, or outdoor wedding, ensure proper ventilation by choosing a wedding venue with a wide, open area. A venue with a magnificent view of the sea, hills, field, or mountains is a good idea.
  • Eco-Friendly Wedding Decors: Be eco-conscious of your wedding decors. You might want a plastic-free wedding day by using sustainable materials, such as bamboo-made wedding favors and dried leaves and flowers in recycled paper for invites. Do-it-yourself or DIY wedding decors can save you money and are eco-friendly too, reducing carbon footprint from ordering them online or buying them in shops or malls. (Xanax bars)
  • Nutritious Menu: Include colorful vegetables and fruits in your wedding menu, sourced from local farmers who employ sustainable farming. Aside from being pleasing to the eyes, these foods are also healthy. Nutritious foods gain more attention from your health-conscious guests, leaving them guilt-free and enjoying eating hearty dishes.

4. Proper And Fun Lighting 

There are many fun ways to light up your wedding venue to make the place look cozy and romantic. Even if you have simple or minimalistic wedding decors, adding the perfect lights can add glamour to your wedding venue. So, what are the trending wedding lights in 2022?

Check out these lighting tips for weddings:

  • Floating Candles: The idea of floating candles in water (such as a glass of water or pool area) is very romantic and unique. It’s a great lighting effect on your first dance as a newlywed couple along with the live band singing your favorite love song.
  • Suspended Candles: Suspending tiny candles from floral arrangements will remind you of the glowing fireflies. They create a magical effect for an evening wedding.
  • Lights On Trees: Lighting up the trunks or columns of trees provides a soft, cozy, and inviting radiance, which feels like home.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor chandeliers or canopy of lights will be trending in 2022. You might want to consider installing a “tent” of lights, enveloping the entire space for an inviting glow. On the other hand, outdoor chandeliers are perfect for a rustic wedding theme.

5. Immersive Wedding Audio-visual 

Do you want your wedding décor trends to stand out? Capture the best moments, especially through your photos and videos, by ensuring you’ve got excellent audio-visuals. Just imagine a cinema-like screen of your favorite photos randomly playing along with your favorite love songs.

In the last two years, the wedding trends include audio-visual because of tight social distancing and other health restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of audio-visual will continue in 2022, which will be more immersive than in previous years because of additional features included.

Behind the scenes, audio-visual technology plays a crucial role in weddings, paving the way to a cozier wedding. AV makes the slide shows run, mics work, and the music play. For example, advanced audio mixers, smart screens, and powered speakers without the bulky sizes are now available, giving online and offline wedding guests crisp and relaxing sound and music.


Make your 2022 wedding memorable by decorating the event venue applying the tips above of wedding décor trends. Roses will always be an essential part of the wedding, regardless of whether it’s a church wedding, a beach wedding, or any other wedding theme or location. You might want to consider using eco-friendly wedding decors and choose a healthy wedding menu to make your wedding more meaningful.


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