5 Ways Your Back Pain Can Manifest Into Bigger Problems

Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem many people face. Unfortunately, it is also equally common for them to brush it off and go about their day, hoping it’s going to pass sooner or later. Not only can this be harmful to your body and spine health, but it can also lead to worsened conditions that can affect your lifestyle. 

The most common causes of back pain are sprains, ligament tears, and muscle strains. Many people suffer from these injuries, accidents, working out without a warmup, sitting down for too long, or suddenly lifting something heavy. While the pain originating from such issues should last nothing longer than one to two weeks and should heal with proper rest and care, you must pay a visit to the doctor if the back pain persists any longer as it might be a severe problem. The doctor would be able to give you an accurate diagnosis along with a prescription of medication your back needs. 

But what are those serious problems your back pain can manifest into? 

  1. Chronic Disk Diseases

Spinal discs act as shock absorbers to the vertebral column that makes your spine. As you age, the discs lose their ability to absorb any shock on the spine as they dry out—this is completely natural. Alternatively, your disks might crack, rupture, or slip out of the column due to a genetic condition or external injury. This can lead to a lot of pain and problems for your nervous system around the vertebral column, which might also lead to paralysis. Getting professional attention is then of utmost importance. (dr4health.com)  

  1. Osteoporosis

Weakening of bones can lead to several fractures throughout the vertebral column causing issues such as back pain and numbness in certain areas. Consulting a professional can help as they can suggest a diet plan potent in vitamin D, calcium, and other vital minerals and vitamins for your bones. Additionally, they can assess your spinal health to recommend some activities to help you stay active and strong, helping you lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

  1. Chronic Digestive, Uterine & Kidney Problems

Often an underlying cause or major health issue disguises itself as pain in an unrelated area of the body; kidney and digestive disorders are no different.  

Issues such as pancreatitis, kidney stones, gallstones can sometimes cause constant discomfort in the lower back, which may lead to people thinking it’s simply a back issue. Additionally, uterine cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis can cause back pain, which causes people to self-diagnose the problem. Consulting a professional to learn about any underlying issue is extremely important for your health. 

 4. Cancer

Not to be the cliché search result, but research suggests your spinal cord is susceptible to receiving cancer cells from other areas of your body. For instance, prostate cancer is known to spread through the spinal cord as time progresses. 

  1. Inflammatory Arthritis

At times, back pain is a symptom of a form of arthritis that requires urgent care and diagnosis. There are different kinds of inflammatory arthritis that cause back pain:

> Psoriatic arthritis: While this affects various areas of your body, back pain is a prominent problem that causes people to diagnose themselves with chronic back pain and self-medicate. 

> Fibromyalgia: It causes pain in the muscles throughout the body. Since your lower back is plush with muscles, it causes chronic back pain to one suffering from this kind of arthritis. 

> Ankylosing spondylitis: This autoimmune disease is hereditary and causes pain throughout your lower back. Taking professional help is essential in this case. 

Seeking the help of a chiropractor for back pain is the first step you must take. Not only do they help you manage and ease the pain, but also provide a diagnosis as well as lifestyle and diet changes that can help you in the future. 



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