5 Tips for Choosing the Best Marijuana for Migraines

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Around 12% of the whole population suffers from migraines; this includes children. With it being so common, people tend to dismiss it, not knowing how incapacitating it can be. (Alprazolam)

More than 90% of sufferers can’t function or work normally during a migraine attack. That’s why many are turning to marijuana to rid themselves of the pain and effects of migraine. The right strain can allow them to continue the day as normal.

If you’re hoping marijuana will cure your migraine, make sure to choose the right one. You’ll have to look hard to find the best marijuana strain for you. Keep on reading to see how you can choose wisely.

1. Look for the Right Combination of THC and CBD

THC and CBD create a synergy to deliver powerful effects.

THC is the high-inducing compound, creating feelings of euphoria and relaxation. CBD doesn’t produce a high feeling, but it has beneficial medical effects, as well. This is why a high-CBD strain can be the best medical marijuana.

A high-THC solution can be great for pain relief and instant relaxation. Some strains can give you a “body high,” which relaxes your muscles and eases migraine.

Strains with high CBD are also great for chronic pain given the medicinal properties of CBD. These can also help you in the long run as it can produce medical effects over time.

That said, remember that THC and CBD aren’t the only substances in a marijuana strain. Jack Frost CBG, for instance, has CBG, another cannabinoid. These allow the strain to produce different effects.

A high-THC strain can knock you out, but another THC strain can instead keep you awake. Note that since THC produces a high effect, a THC strain can also cause unwanted side effects like dizziness and weakness.

Many stick to CBD for this reason. But sometimes, you need a little help from THC to help with pain relief. That’s why you should look for the right ratio that will work for you.

2. Check the Effects of the Strain

Migraine sufferers have different ideas of what they want to achieve with cannabis. Some might want to experience having a clear head aside from the absence of pain.

Others may want to be able to sleep or stay asleep. These are two of the common issues among people with migraine. It can result in fatigue, loss of concentration, and so on.

The kind of relief you’re looking for will determine the right type of strain to choose. Some will make you fall asleep and get a fruitful sleep, so these are great for the nights when migraine attacks.

However, some people might want to still be able to function after using cannabis to cure their migraine. In this case, they don’t want to choose a strain that will make them feel sleepy and ready for bed.

Check the description of the strain or ask the company about it. While you can have a pretty good grasp on its effects based on the THC and CBD content, it may have some effects that you don’t want.

3. Read Reviews of the Strains

It’s worth looking for reviews of the strains you’re looking to buy first. This gives you a better idea of the actual effect of the strain. It also assures you of quality and safety.

It’s better if you can get the opinion of other migraine sufferers who also use marijuana for headaches. They can give you a better insight into what you should look for. Their experience holds more weight as they have the same battle as you.

You can try what they use first to see if it also works for you. If not, you’ll come out of the experience with better knowledge.

However, keep in mind that the marijuana strain may have a different effect on your body. It has to do with how the chemicals interact with your physiology.

Effects may differ, but it doesn’t mean that the reviewer was lying or mistaken if the strain doesn’t work out well. It only means the strain wasn’t right for you, so you may have to look for another one that works for your body.

You may also experiment with dosage first to see if that changes your reaction.

4. Identify Your Migraine Triggers

Migraine sufferers know what triggers their condition. It can be because of a strong sensory stimulus, like bright lights, loud noises, or even a strong smell. Heightened stress can also trigger a migraine, as well as a lack of sleep.

Some other things that might trigger a migraine are allergies, alcoholic drinks, skipping meals, change of diet, and so on. Even weather changes and hormones can trigger a bout of migraine.

If you’re not sure which of these does it for you, try to identify what’s your migraine trigger. It’s different for each person – even a migraine itself manifests differently, although the pounding pain that gradually worsens should be a constant for everyone.

Nevertheless, knowing what triggers your migraine can help you choose the best marijuana strain for you. It also gives you the chance to prepare ahead when you know a migraine is coming.

5. Buy From Reputable Sellers

To make sure you’re getting high-quality marijuana, only buy from reputable shops. The marijuana you can get from a “local” dealer may not have the right amount of THC and CBD as advertised. As we’ve said earlier, finding the right combination is important for addressing your migraine.

You can’t be too sure of what you’ll get, as well. It may not have the intended effect you’re looking for, or it may even have some dangerous effects. Remember that a strain may contain other chemicals you’re not aware of.

In reputable stores, you can choose the strain and you can make sure you’ll get what they advertised. You can even get valuable recommendations from the shop owner as they know their products well.

Choose the Best Marijuana Strain for You

What we can take away from these tips is that the best marijuana strain for your neighbor’s migraine might not be the best for you. You may have to experiment a bit to find out what works for you.

But why stop here when there’s more to discuss and discover when it comes to using marijuana for pain relief. If you need other marijuana and medical tips, though, feel free to check more of our posts right here, today!


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