5 Importance of Staying Hydrated for Seniors


It’s always recommended to drink plenty of water as it maintains good health especially when one starts to get older. We know the health benefits of water are plenty however, there are more to those simple ones. Starting from improved cognition to a decrease in joint pain to an improved digestive system, water acts as a lifesaver no matter the age. We provide Luxury Senior Citizen Homes In India with dedicated hospitality and senior care to make sure your water intake is sufficient for the daily functioning of various activities. 

Research suggests drinking 8 glasses of water every day however it’s always ideal to speak to your doctor to be aware of the fluid intake according to your age. Adults who are 60 and older are said to be at an increased risk of dehydration due to a number of reasons. This includes natural drops in thirst levels and composition changes in the body. The elderly population is also more likely to take diuretics and other medications which can cause a huge amount of fluid loss in the body.

What are the benefits of staying hydrated for seniors?

  1. Enhanced brain performance

Mild and inadequate hydration is likely to create memory issues, cause changes in mood and decrease concentration levels. We have a dedicated team of caregivers at our Luxury Senior Citizen Homes In India who make sure that adding just a few glasses of water every day will develop a positive effect on cognition, keep your emotions stabilized, and even combat mood swings.

  1. Improves digestive harmony

Digestion occurs due to proper water intake. Without that, you’re likely to experience irregular bowel movements, excessive bloating, temperature regulations, and timely discomforts that can impact your quality of life. However, drinking sufficient water can help dissolve the soluble fiber in your diet to keep your digestion process in check. (https://www.cosmopolitanme.com/)

  1. Gain more energy

Dehydration is said to decrease circulation in the entire body and affect the oxygen flow to your brain. Simply by drinking plenty of water you can keep dehydration at bay and stay active throughout the day letting go of the constant tired and sluggish state of your body.

  1. Keeps weight in control

Water may not have any calories but can keep you satisfied during your meals. It will boost your metabolism and keep your body weight under control. Additionally, you won’t feel much cravings for sugar which will further keep your cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure level, and other things under control.

  1. Decrease in joint pain

Are you aware that the cartilage in our joints contains 80% water? Hydration keeps the joints lubricated thereby eliminating friction and creating a cushioning effect between bones facilitating enhanced movement. All the caregivers at our Luxury Senior Citizen Homes In India take preventive measures when it comes to dehydration concerns and make sure to keep you hydrated.

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