5 FAQs about life settlements you NEED to know!

FAQs about life settlements

If you are getting to the older stages of life, this can be an exciting time – you can see your children grow up, play with your grandchildren, and enjoy slowing down a little bit. If you are currently figuring out how you can afford your retirement and the amount of money that you need to set aside for your later-in-life finances, then you should begin looking into life settlements.

If you are currently trying to figure out how to make ends meet, you may have heard of something that is called life insurance or life settlements. You can earn a life settlement by selling your current life insurance to get cash in hand. Although this can seem tempting, there are certain things that you need to know before you do this for your future. Avoid making a financial mistake and putting more of a strain on yourself by fully understanding the life settlement. Let’s see the most common question that seniors have about their life settlements and the answers to help put your mind at ease.

The most common FAQs about life settlements that you NEED to know

What is a life settlement?

Arguably the most common – and most important – question regarding life settlements is – what is a life settlement? Basically, the life settlement is the ability for a person to sell their current life insurance policy so they can earn cash on the spot. This lets a senior sell their policy or their death benefits to someone – or something – other than an insurance company so they can receive compensation sooner. 

How does the life settlement option work for seniors?

Usually, the purchaser of the life settlements that seniors are selling to is called life settlement companies. These are different from insurance companies and are only involved so they can provide an alternative to seniors who are looking to sell their current death benefits. These entities or institutions will be able to collect the benefits of the seniors, sell the policies to other individuals, or sell a portion of the life settlement for interest. 

When should I sell my life insurance policy?

Another question regarding life settlements for seniors is when you should sell your life insurance policy. You should consider selling your life insurance policy if you are no longer able to pay for the premiums of your life insurance policy. 

Are there any financial determinants of getting life settlements?

Make sure that before you get the life settlement by selling your insurance policy that you take into account how it can hurt or help your financial situation. Consider the ability to continue participating in public health programs, such as Medicare, and if you are still eligible for other state-funded benefits. 

What happens to my insurance policy?

If you decide to go with a life settlement, this will affect your current insurance policy. Make sure you ask questions regarding what will happen, such as who will now be in charge of your policy and if they will sell it.


Before you use a life settlement for your finances, make sure you ask various questions and find out the answers before getting rid of your life insurance. This decision can affect you – and your benefactors – so doing research ahead of time is key to making a smart decision for your financial future.


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