5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Grill

ways to clean your grill

Grilling is a method of cooking that could get messy. And if you’ve experienced being a backyard griller, you know how tough it is to clean the grill after you’ve used it. But actually, there are some easy ways to clean your grill.

Apart from that, there are numerous benefits that you can get when you opt to clean your grills right after use and before using. Here are some of them. 

First, sanitary. A dirty grill can attract pests and insects. Therefore, cleaning your grill will keep them away and will prevent them from leaving their droppings on your equipment. 

Second, health. By cleaning your grills, there’s a lesser chance of bacteria and other carcinogens building up on your equipment that can possibly be transferred into your food. 

Third, taste. This is applicable to all types of cooking equipment. Everything tastes so much better when it is cooked on a clean grill and pans. 

Fourth, smell. Since the grill has been thoroughly cleaned, any foul smell that stuck into the grill will be removed. 

Fifth, durability. Cleaning your grills regularly will prevent deterioration. It will strengthen and extend your grill’s life. 

Lastly, appearance. Proper maintenance will give your grill a brand new look. Plus, the grill being attractive will motivate you to cook even more. 

See? There are so many reasons why you should clean your grill regularly. If you are clueless about where to begin or what method to use, here are five easy options that you could choose from. 

  • SOAK IT 

Prepare a tub of water with soap. Once the grill has cooled down, remove all the grates, bars, racks, trays, tubes, and knobs. Strip down the equipment so every part will be cleaned and soaked thoroughly. Leave it in the soapy water for at least 30 minutes to soften the gunks.


You can use either portable or full-size vacuums. After removing all the grates and bars, the firebox is exposed and can be easily accessed wherein you can smoothly suck up all the loose debris by the use of your vacuum. After collecting all the debris, rinse the firebox with a hose. 


This is the most commonly used method when cleaning a grill. You have a lot of options when it comes to good grill cleaners, and you’re sure to find different brands in your local hardware store as well. Since there are dozens of ‘em, you can ask the staff about what brand they can recommend, or even read reviews on the internet so you can compare and contrast. Finding the right solution for a grill cleaner will aid you to easily and quickly clean your equipment. 


Another method that is widely used is scrubbing. After the grates and other panels have been soaked, you can create a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar as it is an effective alternative for grill cleaning solutions. (animalmedicalcenterinc) Start scrubbing them using the mixture with a wire brush. 


This is unusual but it’s proven effective. Fire up the grill with low heat, fully close the hood, and let it come to its full temperature. With this, the gunk and other build-up will be burned and softened. Now, while it is still burnin’ get your wire brush and cleaning solution and start scrubbing off the build-up. 



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