5 Cute Beach Outfits You Will Fall in Love With

beach outfits

Choosing the right clothes to wear to the beach isn’t as easy as it sounds. The right beach outfits should be lightweight and less likely to get too sandy. A proper beach day might also involve more than just sunbathing or swimming.

When you’re putting together a beach outfit, you should have something easy to take on and off. Cute beach outfits are also essential for when you want to walk around and head indoors to grab some food.

Try some of these five cute beach outfits for your next outing.

1. Lightweight Beach Dress

Beach dresses are a great option that provides form and function. Beach dresses are usually made of lightweight, sheer materials or breathable crochet patterns.

With a beach dress, you can easily leave it behind to go for a swim and slip it back on to head indoors. Dresses are also easy to shake out so you’re not bringing any sand inside.

To dress up the outfit, you can pair a beach dress with some casual sandals to look great while you’re exploring.

2. Casual Sarong Wrap

A casual sarong has always been one of the best beachwear items. A sarong is versatile, easy to clean, and it looks great.

With a sarong, you can choose from a variety of patterns and textures to make sure it matches your style. You can wear a sarong as a skirt or dress, and it’s quick to throw on and off.

3. Classic Shorts and Button Shirt

If you’re looking for a more indoor-appropriate outfit, you can’t go wrong with shorts and a button-up shirt. When we say button-up shirts, we don’t mean something for work. Instead, we like lightweight shirts that you can leave unbuttoned outside or close up when you’re headed inside.

4. Kimono and Lightweight Pants

A kimono and pants combo is the perfect boho outfit for your beach day. This outfit looks very put together, but it’s casual enough for the beach.

The key to this outfit is to find breathable pants. Stick to light fabrics like linen instead of anything too heavy. We recommend opting without a shirt since the kimono can provide enough coverage if you’re headed indoors.

5. Wrap Skirt With One-Piece Suit

The best thing about beachy outfits is you don’t need nearly enough pieces. If you’re wearing a once piece, you can create a stylish outfit with just a skirt. Since the one-piece acts like a bodysuit, you’ll automatically look stylish and put together.

For the beach, we recommend a lightweight wrap skirt. Wrap styles look similar to sarongs and have more of the boho style that fits with a beach day.

How to Put Together Cute Beach Outfits

If you’re struggling to decide what to wear to the beach, consider your personal style first. The best beach outfits should make you feel stylish, comfortable and confident.

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