5 Backpacking Hacks and Tips for Your Next Adventure

backpacking hacks

Among an enthusiastic travel culture, it makes sense for the backpacking industry to be worth $8.2 billion. Beyond domestic flights and luxury vacations, backpacking’s become the new and true way to travel.

Traveling light is hard on a good day. Folks pack heavy for three-day trips due to indecision, uncertainty, and the mystery of what awaits them.

Backpacking’s the most uncertain trip one could take, yet the need to pack light’s crucial. It’s good to do your research beforehand to know what to expect.

Having backpacking hacks on hand can keep you focused on the trip and not on your things. Here’s what to know.

Backpacking Hacks

If you’ve tried packing for a backpacking trip before researching, you’ll find it’s a unique art. Things like weight, essentials, and being resourceful are top priorities.

Here are the top five backpacking hacks to help you prep for your next adventure.

1. Weigh Your Equipment

It’s easy to adopt the out of sight, out of mind, I’ll be fine mentality. Just know that whatever you see before you, you’ll be carrying behind you the entire way.

Sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents are standard backpacking equipment pieces—unless you choose to sleep in a hammock!

Knowing that it’s best to weigh all your things before you head out to know how much weight you’ll be carrying.

2. Reusables

Being resourceful means reusing things. The containers, bags, and bottles you choose should be multifaceted. That way, you can keep switching up their use when you need to.

For example, if you pack a mason jar, you can use them for bulk snacks, water, and to put LED lights in as a DIY lantern come nighttime.

Being resourceful is among the best travel hacks if you learn to do it right!

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree’s small but mighty. Known for its antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, tea tree’s the trifecta of traveling hacks.

It’s useful for deodorant, disinfectant, wound care, and bug spray. For those reasons, tea tree’s unquestionably among the best backpacking hacks.

4. Prep Your Food

When it comes to backpacking hacks and tips, this is important. Food‘s not something to figure out when you’re in an open field. Bring food that helps you feel safe, secure, and grounded for your ventures.

Remember, you can reuse your containers when you’re done!

5. Basics Plus Priorities

While it’s important to cover the basics, backpacking can be emotional. If you’re newer to the backpacking scene, it’s smart to take one or two sentimental things. It helps to have familiar touchstones when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

If you’re housing a medical condition, maybe CBD for Parkinson’s is your must-have. Allow yourself to pack smart which means packing smart for you.

Trip of Your Life

Your backpacking trip starts the moment you begin prepping for it. Packing’s a chance to learn, research, and mentally prepare for a big undertaking. (xanax)

Know that backpacking hacks are your best friend. Try to use as many as you can.

Once you tackle the packing, you can get excited about your trip. After that, every moment gets you that much closer to an epic experience. Bon voyage!

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