400000 Deaths Caused by Covid-19 in India Due to Lack of Govt. Planning

400000 Deaths Caused by Covid-19 in India Due to Lack of Govt. Planning

400000 deaths due to Covid-19 no longer seem a dystopia for India. It has already recorded more cases than this.

In fact, the official records of death are much less than the real count. Experts worry that the actual fatality count is much higher.

India crosses 400000 deaths due to COVID

Behind the USA and Brazil, India ranks third in the world to have had 400,000 plus deaths.
Followed by the USA, India has 30 million total cases.

The average daily active cases graph has recently fallen to around 40,000 cases, much lower than the 400,000 daily cases in May. Strict state lockdowns have been instrumental in dropping the number of daily cases.

However, the experts fear that the third wave is looming large shortly. Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Odisha, Tripura, and Kerala rise in active cases.

An expert committee will judge the situation there. Also, they will supervise the ongoing vaccination project in these states on Friday. (zolpidem)

Poor vaccine drive in India caused fatalities

Since its onset in January, the vaccination drive hasn’t even crossed the five percent mark till now.

Even if the aim is to round off vaccination by this year-end, but dose shortage, hesitancy regarding vaccination has crippled the process.

Covaxin and Covishield, both grown in India, are currently in use in India. The Indian government has passed Sputnik V of Russia usage.

Vaccine supplies are particularly scarce. But the government is more careful now and working fast to pile up its supplies.

The ineffective healthcare infrastructure proved disastrous in the second wave. Let’s hope the situation will be different and a bit better in the third wave.

The Serum Institute of India will manufacture a local variety of Novavax vaccines.

The Indian government also orders 300 million doses of Biological firm vaccines.

Moderna vaccine has an efficacy of 95 percent against the deadly Covid-19 virus. Cipla, another Indian pharma firm, has gained approval to import Moderna.


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