4 Simple Ways to Start a Workout Routine

a Workout Routine

A lot of people today are chronically unfit. We live in a world where our lives revolve around our laptops and computers for work, shopping, entertainment, and just about everything else. Most people spend their days at an office working in front of their screens and then come home to their laptops where they’re either finishing up work or browsing the Internet/watching movies for entertainment and relaxation.- a Workout Routine

This is a horrible habit that a large number of us unfortunately have. This sedentary lifestyle is doing horrible things to our bodies both physically and mentally. By sitting all day we are decreasing flexibility, mobility, muscle strength, our immune system, blood flow, and many other crucial functions that keep us alive. We barely use our legs, driving everywhere we go, then we sit all day (at our jobs or at home), go to sleep at night, and do it all over again the next day. 

Due to all of this, obesity rates are skyrocketing, physical activity is declining, and we are slowly wasting away. Sitting for long periods of time slows the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. This is why, now more than ever, we need to keep up with our personal fitness. 

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. In fact, you’ll begin to see and feel the benefits consistent physical activity can have on your body and well-being quickly. However, putting exercise into your routine is not that easy. It takes a lot of determination, and sticking to it in the long term requires discipline.

Getting Started- a Workout Routine

The first thing you need to do when you get started in creating a fitness routine is to get some help from a professional. Going to a doctor or a trainer to assess your physical health is paramount. You don’t want to push yourself too hard and do more damage to your body. This is particularly important for those new to strenuous and vigorous physical activities.

An early checkup can detect any health problems or conditions that could put you at risk for an injury during exercise and it can also help you optimize your workout, making it easier for you. This is why self assessment is important, having an initial consultation can help you understand your limitations and create an exercise plan tailored to your particular needs.

Be Realistic- a Workout Routine


When you’re new to working out, it’s important that you set realistic goals for yourself. Create a plan that you can actually stick to without having to go through too much trouble. In addition, if you are new to this and are generally inactive, make sure that you don’t try to push yourself too hard, you don’t want to pull or strain something. 

Give yourself an outline/plan to work with. Don’t make it too difficult, as you want to turn this into a habitual routine. you can continue building on it as your fitness level improves. As an example, if your goal is to run more, you can start by building a plan that includes short, 20 minute jogs every day for a week or two. Once you finish those short runs, increase the distance or time until you can work up to your long-term goal. 

Starting with small achievable goals will increase your chances of success and keep you motivated every step of the way.

Correct Diet- a Workout Routine


A crucial part of a good fitness routine is making sure that you have a correct diet. This will help you achieve your fitness goals in the long run. We’re not just talking about food here, you have to make sure that you are staying hydrated throughout this entire process. 

Drinking fluids throughout the day is essential for maintaining healthy hydration levels. Replenishing fluids during exercise is essential for maintaining optimal performance, especially when exercising in hot temperatures. In addition, hydrating after your workout can help you recover and get you ready for your next training session.

When it comes to food, Be sure to consume a balanced diet to support your fitness program. Just like everything else so far, don’t overdo it from the beginning. A lot of people like to go all-in into a new diet and they quickly realize that they set very high standards for themselves. This ends up being very frustrating because it’s hard to stick to. 

Breaking bad habits is never easy, so you have to make sure to ease your way into it in order to keep at it long term. You want to make sure that you are not doing some extreme diet where you are going on a juice cleanse, or completely cut something out of your daily food supply. All food groups are necessary to sustain healthy energy levels and get the most out of your workout. 

If you will be exercising regularly, you need to incorporate enough carbs, fats, and proteins so that your body can cope with all of the excess calories that it’s burning. The point here is to eat non-processed, clean foods. I know not everyone has time for meal prep, but cooking for yourself is the ultimate way to make sure that you know what goes into your body as well as giving you full control over your diet. 

Listen to Your Body


The bottom line is, your body knows best. If something feels wrong, consult a doctor or a trainer because you may have pushed yourself too hard and need to cut back. If you are feeling fatigued, weak, or dizzy throughout the day, you are definitely doing something wrong and you need to change either the amount that you’re exercising or the food that you’re eating to stay safe and healthy. 

I cannot stress this enough, do not push yourself, but slowly and gradually work towards a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies are constantly changing and that means that you will have to change your plan according to it. We can all give examples of strengths and talents we have, but you need to find your own. 

Sometimes you will need to cut back, and sometimes you will need to intensify things. This is all part of the process. Don’t starve yourself and don’t overwork yourself. A lot of it is trial and error when you are new to all of this. Learn what works the best for you and go from there. You can do this, it just takes time. 


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