4 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Files Using PDF Bear

Convert Your Files Using PDF Bear

Converting your documents should a straightforward and convenient process, and with PDF Bear, that statement is possible. This software is reliable when it comes to converting your data, and it can do the process in a few clicks. Besides that, anyone can also use PDF Bear with zero cost. With that, here are the reasons why you should convert your files using PDF Bear.

A Quick Way to Convert Your Files

This online converter can work in two similar ways. You can convert your documents to a PDF file or from PDFs to different file formats. It would be best if you started utilizing this feature from PDF Bear to convert Excel, PPT, and Word files. Users can also convert document formats like PNG, GIF, BMP, Word, PPT, Excel, PBM, JPG, JPEG, JBIG2, or TIFF to PDF file format.

Aside from that, PDF Bear will make sure that your files stay private and secure. Its system won’t leave any traces of documents copies because, after 60 minutes, all of the uploaded and edited files are removed or erased. The files are only exclusive for users who upload it, not for other individuals. So here’s how users can operate this PDF converter free online tool:

  1. Choose the files that you need to upload and convert using this tool of PDF Bear through your desktop or smartphone.
  2. The converter will automatically read and scan your files and will start the conversion process in seconds.
  3. After the conversion process, you can begin sharing or download the file.
  4. Users can still compress or modify the converted file afterward.

The Quality of Your PDF Files Won’t Get Sacrificed

This procedure is important to many people because the quality of their files should remain so that they can still share or present those files to other people. When you compress, merge, and convert your files, the quality of those documents won’t get compromised or sacrificed because PDF Bear will quickly select and detect the best quality possible. With that said, you don’t need to worry that the quality of your files is downgraded.

You Can Access PDF Bear on Different Platforms

Because PDF Bear is utilized by people who are using their desktops, you shouldn’t be worried even one bit if you’re a desktop user. You can access this software on operating systems such as Mac, Linux, or Windows. Besides that, you can access PDFs Bear from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other internet-connected devices if you are from anywhere across the globe.

Safe and Secure Platform

Besides being a trustworthy and reliable PDFs handling tool, this software is the most secure and safest tool that people can access from the web. With that statement, PDF Bear’s server will instantly delete all the uploaded, edited, and downloaded documents after an hour. In addition to that, your data will remain restricted and private from unwanted people.


PDF Bear is the most reliable tool that you can use to convert your files easily. Besides that, this software will make sure that your documents will remain private and safe. Besides the conversion tool, you can also use PDFs Bear to compress, merge, split, protect, unlock, and rotate your PDFs.


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