4 Fashion-Forward Trends for Spring 2023


Baby, it’s cold outside! When revamping your wardrobe for a warmer spring, things can get tricky. What do you wear when the weather is so unpredictable? We’ve got more than a few ideas. 

View this spring’s must-have items to update your wardrobe. Who knew it could be so easy to look this good? 

1. It’s What You Don’t See

See-through/sheer pieces are all over the fashion runway — the same as last year — but with one significant change: Everything is super casual. This season, skip the stilettos and too-tall heels. Instead, take a cue from every prominent designer and dress down your sheer tops or bottoms with designer dad sandals or flat mules. 

Rock your outfit by donning a sheer turtleneck top, or go all out in a sheer skirt and leggings or bike shorts made to turn heads. Top it off by throwing on a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. You can even add on layers to elevate your look and help you get through those chillier days a little easier.

2. Shine Bright like a Diamond

Metallics are hotter than ever. This spring, unlike the heavy, jewel-toned metallics of last season, it’s all about tiptoeing through the tulips in gold- or silver-hued garments. Leather, sequins, and even chenille are all getting a style makeover. Indeed, spring has never been so shiny.

Opt for shiny spring pieces that reflect your style. On those colder, early-in-the-season days, look for heavier leather coats or pantsuits to stay warm and look good while doing it. Gorgeous weather calls for dazzling dresses in any length, so go for the gold (or silver) and watch people do a double take.

3. You Won’t Have the (Denim) Blues

Does denim ever go out of style? Spurred by the California Gold Rush in the 1870s, denim has long been the ‘it’ fabric and definitely still tops the charts today. Stick to spring 2023’s must-have looks and pair denim on denim for a style you can wear anywhere. It’s an easy way to jazz up your wardrobe and pile on the layers for those less-than-balmy temperatures.

Denim trousers are in, especially when embellished, ruffled, or otherwise adorned. Whether you snag a pair of high-waisted, flared-bottom, wide-leg, or a puddled hemline, you can’t go wrong with looser-fit denim. Keep it comfortable. A relaxed-fit pair of wide-leg denim jeans is the answer this spring (and beyond).

4. It’s All About the Craftsmanship

Chunky crocheted knits are nothing new. In fact, crochet patterns have been printed and shared since 1824 (and probably used even before then). Yes, weaving and crocheting have appeared on many a catwalk in the years since, but spring 2023 is headed in a whole new direction. This season, crochet is refined, sophisticated, and timeless. 

Instead of the old-fashioned heaviness, this spring practically screams light and bright. Look for open work crochet that bares all. Whether it’s a fabulous halter neck top or a mini crochet skirt, these pieces are anything but boring and will easily take you into summer.

Take Advantage of the Top Trends of the Season

Kiss your frumpy winter wear goodbye — at least until next year. It’s time to think ahead to spring. Whether you decide to get trendy with sheer pieces, metallics, denim, or crocheted tops or bottoms, all of these options (and more) are an easy way to enhance your wardrobe in the months ahead. Happy shopping!


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